IGBTs optimised for welding

Vishay has introduced IGBT power modules specifically for TIG welding machines.

Vishay INT-A-PAK - IGBTs optimised for welding

The devices can work up to 1kHz, 600V and 100-400A.

There are three half-bridges and on single IGBT, and losses are down on its previous offerings through using ‘Trench PT’ construction: collector-emitter voltages are 1.1-1.3V and turn-off switching energy is 11-45mJ – said to be 50% lower than the previous-generation.

The half-bridges have HEXFRED or FRED Pt branded anti-parallel diodes and are available in 17mm high packages.

The single switch device comes in SOT-227, with ≤5nH typical inductance, and UL approval to file E78996.

Part VS-GP100TS60SFPbF VS-GP250SA60S VS-GP300TD60S VS-GP400TD60S
IC 100A 250A 300A 400A
VCE(on) 1.16V 1.10V 1.30V 1.30V
Package INT-A-PACK SOT-227 DIAP, low profile DIAP, low profile
Eoff 15.3mJ 11mJ 33mJ 45mJ
Circuit Half bridge Single switch Half bridge Half bridge
IGBT Trench PT Trench PT Trench PT Trench PT

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