Rechargeable coin cell lasts for more cycles

Renata, part of the Swiss Swatch group, has developed a lithium iron phosphate Li-ion rechargeable coin cell that can be charged more times than traditional types.

Renata IFR2032

Planned in the popular 2032 size (3.2mm thick, 20mm dia), it has been developed alongside a more traditional rechargeable 2032 cell for wearables such as watches and smart patches, and was promoted at the Wearable Technology Show in London.

Compared with the traditional Li-ion chemistry ICR 2032, which is expected to loose up to 20% of capacity after 500 cycles, the rechargeable coin cell LiFeP IFR 2032 lasts 1,000 cycles to the same loss.

Capacity is lower than the traditional cell, at 45mAh compared with 65mAh (see chart below).

Primary 3V Li/MnO2 cells can hit 225mAh.

 Preliminary data ICR 2032 (traditional Li-ion) IFR 2032 (Li Fe P)
Nominal output 3.7V 3.2V
Capacity 65mAh (0.2C cut-off 3.0V @20°C) 45mAh (0.2C cut-off 2.5V @20°C)
Storage 0 to 30°C for 3 months (-20 to 45°C temporary) 0 to 30°C for 3 months (-20 to 45°C temporary)
Charge 4.2V +/-50mV @ 0.5C constant(1C max) 0-45C 3.6V +/-50mV @ 0.5C constant(1C max) 0-45C
Discharge max 1.0C continuous (2.0C non-continuous) 1.0C continuous (2.0C non-continuous)
Discharge range -20 to 60°C -20 to 60°C
Cycle life at room temp
(0.5C charge to 0.2C discharge
500 charge cycles to 80% of min capacity 1,000 charge cycles to 80% of min capacity




  1. Please correct the company name to, Renata.

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