Vicor completes slim-line mains PSU front-end

Vicor has announced the long-awaited input rectifier-filter modules for its slim-line ‘PFM’ brand ac-dc power converters.

Vicor Via front end filter

Vicor AIM (below) and PFM, both in VIA packaging

Released last May, the converters come in a remarkably slim (9 x 36mm cross section) package (dubbed ‘VIA’) that can be bolted along the inside of a 1U chassis rail – sitting in space that it often unused.

However, the firm left users to source their own input filter, mains rectifier, transient protection and energy reservoir capacitor – an activity that could end-up encroaching beyond spare volume.

Now it has announced ‘AIM’, a universal ac input module which mops up three of the above: primary-side rectification, filtering and transient protection. AIM, hinted at when PFM was announced, is 46mm long with matching 36 x 9mm cross section.

“In many applications, a user can implement a complete AC-DC front end by combining a PFM with an AIM, both in VIA packages, and suitable secondary-side storage capacitance,” said Vicor. “Alternatively, a designer can combine a PFM front-end module with rectification, filtering and secondary-side output capacitance that is optimised for a specific application.”

Capacitor sourcing is still up to the user. Unusually, the PFM-based scheme stores energy in low voltage capacitors at the isolated SELV output – removing the requirement for a 370Vdc link to remote storage.

PFMs are capable of delivering 400W, are up to 93% efficient, and come in 24 or 48Vdc isolated output versions. Power factor correction is included, input range is 85-264Vac, and power density is 8W/cm3  (127W/in3) – ignoring capacitor and AIM

On-board or chassis mounting version are available, in a choice of two operating temperature ranges.

Applications are expected in industry, process control, telecoms, office equipment, test, measurement and LED lighting.

Online design tools are available.

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