More heatsink options for Raspberry Pi

Just in case you feel your Raspberry Pi is running too hot, Element 14 claims this set of heatsinks: “reduces the risk of hardware failure due to overheating. No need for noisy fans.”

04sep13RasPiHeatSink 400

That said, I am not sure I have ever seen a Raspberry Pi with fans…

The other stated advantage is that they will fit into most cases.

How big they are, I am slightly unsure.

The press release says 13x13x10mm (HxWxD), weight 5g.

It also says thermal resistance is 25°C/W, but it doesn’t say if this is with or without the supplied thermal adhesive tape.

In the data sheet, the sizes are: 6.5×10.2, 10×10, and 7x7mm, all 10mm tall. No thermal resistance is given.

Anyone with a will and access to Flotherm could work out the thermal resistances should they want to – the base is 2mm thick and the pins are 1.5mm in diameter.

They are aluminium and described as ‘pressfin’, so I suspect they are 1.5mm wire forced into holes in a 2mm sheet.

Price is £4.89+vat

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