RF, Microwave & Optoelectronics

Device optimises gain at microwave frequencies

Gain equalisers from Knowles Capacitors are designed to compensate for module gain slope at microwave frequencies.

The thin film devices provides slope correction from DC to 18GHz of greater than 3dB. They are designed for superior, repeatable microwave performance to compensate for gain roll-off and VSWR mismatch losses and…

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IDT shrinks wireless power device for wearables

Integrated Device Technology has released its smallest 2W wireless power receiver and battery charger which it says can be used in the design of wearable devices.

The IDTP9026, which is compliant with the Wireless Power Consortium’s (WPC-1.1) standards, has a board footprint of 30 square millimeters.


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IQ modulator addresses LTE MIMO linearity issue

Integrated Device Technology’s latest IQ modulator is designed to interface directly to dual digital-to-analogue converters (DACs). This results in a power budget saving and a reduction in IM3 distortion.

Modulator linearity, which impacts a system’s adjacent channel leakage ratio (ACLR), has been a design issue in…

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ADI targets multi-band 4G basestations with tunable chips

Analog Devices has addressed the needs of wideband 3G/4G mobile basestation design with a higher level of functional integration in its RF modulator, demodulator and mixer ICs.

The devices are tunable from 700MHz to 2,700MHz and ADI has integrated PLL and balun circuits to support high dynamic range…

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Freescale tunes low power RF amps with 4W device

Freescale Semiconductor has introduced a low power RF power amplifier in its Airfast RF range adding mobile radio power levels to the 4W – 75W range.

This is a small form-factor rugged devcie with a greater than 65:1 VSWR survivability rating for continuous reliable operation in extreme environments.


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Arduino goes Wi-Fi

Lantronix is shipping its xPico Arduino Wi-Fi shield which supports a simultaneous wireless LAN interface and access point, and can be used to connect to an Arduino computer using web-based tools and applications.

According to the supplier, a wireless LAN driver is not required on the Arduino microcontroller…

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Linux platform can be Bluetooth/Wi-Fi router

ConnectBlue has a wireless Linux platform based on a multi-radio module supporting Classic Bluetooth, Bluetooth low energy and WLAN with full dual-band support for the 2.4GHz and 5GHz radio bands.

According to the supplier, customer developed applications can be embedded directly on to the Linux software stack…

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Radio module for IoT

LPRS is aiming at the internet of things and other battery sensors with a wireless controller module that can use as little as 32µA.

“easyRadio Integrated Controller [eRIC] transceiver power-saving modes provide control of the duty cycle of the receiver so that the ‘on’ time can be set…

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