ADI targets multi-band 4G basestations with tunable chips

ADI ADRF6612 Analog Devices has addressed the needs of wideband 3G/4G mobile basestation design with a higher level of functional integration in its RF modulator, demodulator and mixer ICs.

The devices are tunable from 700MHz to 2,700MHz and ADI has integrated PLL and balun circuits to support high dynamic range and wideband radio channels.

The ADRF6720 is a 700MHz to 3GHz quadrature modulator with integrated with a low-phase-noise synthesizer and output RF balun. It is programmable for image rejection and carrier feed-through correction as well as linearity optimisation.

The ADRF6820 695MHz to 2.7GHz I/Q demodulator has an integrated low-phase-noise synthesizer, a 2:1 input RF switch, tunable RF balun, and a RF DSA. It can be programmed for linearity optimisation and I/Q phase and gain mismatch correction.

The ADRF6612 dual-channel RF down-converter has on-chip IF amplifier, programmable RF balun and low-phase-noise synthesizer. The device is specified to operate from 700MHz to 2.7GHz.







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