Huber + Suhner omni-directional antenna works in-building

Huber + Suhner has an omni-directional antenna designed specifically for in-building wireless systems.

The antenna is designed to support the roll-out of LTE (790-2700MHz).

It also supports the 2.4GHz WiFi Band as well as DECT. The ECO antenna has a gain of 1dBi in the band 790 – 960MHz and 6dBi in the 1710 – 2170MHz and 2300 – 2700MHz bands.

The white radome ECO 1399.17.0128 is 84mm high and 185mm in diameter, weighs 0.24kg and has an operating temperature range of -40 to + 60ºC.

It comes with a ceiling mounting kit and a 260mm jumper cable terminated with an N type female connector for quick installation.

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