LED supply fits in lightbulb socket

Power Integrations is offering a reference design kit (RDK-131) for very small power supplies that fit inside the LED lightbulb socket, and also ensure that their incandescent-replacement LED lightbulbs will pass EMC requirements for conducted and radiated electrical noise.

Unlike incandescent light sources, which can be powered directly from the mains supply, each LED lightbulb requires a power supply to be incorporated within the Edison (E27) or Bayonet (GU10) sockets. 

To address the size constraints posed by this application, Power Integrations has released its LinkSwitch-TN family of non-isolated offline switcher ICs in tiny SO-8 packaging.

The RDK-131 incorporates this device in a tested, working power supply board and offers a blank PCB, extra samples of the LinkSwitch-TN ICs and guidelines on how to design LED lighting supplies around our ICs. 

According to Don Ashley, product marketing manager at Power Integrations, “producing a power circuit that fits within such a small space is not a trivial task, especially if you effectively attenuate EMI to the current standards.

For more of the firm’s energy-efficient circuits see its website.


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