TDC embedded wireless terminals add GPS functionality

TDC has introduced five wireless terminals allowing 2G, 2.5G or 3G wireless communication and location services to be added seamlessly to any hardware platform with an RS232 or USB port. The terminals are built on modules from embedded wireless producer Cinterion by Spanish integrator Matrix – a new franchise for TDC.

The five terminals from TDC are the MTX-63 and MTX-65, quad band terminals supporting GSM and GPRS class 12, the MTX-65+G, that adds GPS support, the MTX-H25 and MTX-H25-Plus, UMTS-HSDPA terminals offering data download at up to 3.6Mbps.

Both the MTX-63 and the MTX-65 are a single-box system offering wireless voice, SMS, fax and data communications in a package that is straightforward to bolt onto a PC or other hardware platform through an RS-232 or USB interface.

Features include a powerful, integrated TCP-IP stack supporting a full range of internet services, quad band support giving seamless use around the world, and a SIM card reader. The MTX-65 offers the additional benefit of JAVA embedded programmability and access to the module processor resources to run application programmes and control I/Os.

The Matrix MTX-65+G adds a powerful GPS receiver to the capabilities of the MTX-65, allowing the implementation of location based applications. The terminal features a 16-channel GPS receiver with a tracking sensitivity of -157dBm using an external antenna.

For data intensive applications, TDC is offering the Matrix MTX-H25, a complete embedded 3G, EDGE, GPRS and GSM terminal enabling broadband internet and email access and the streaming of large files such as videos and music to be implemented in an embedded system.

The unit features its own SIM card reader and a high speed USB port, almost eliminating the need for further hardware components to support the delivery of communications functionality. The unit uses HSDPA technology, and is compatible with both Windows and Linux operating systems.

The MTX-H25-Plus encompasses the rich feature set of the MTX-H25 and offers a 9 way serial interface for applications where 3G coverage, packet turnaround times or interface limitations are more paramount that pure over the air data speed.

Both Matrix and TDC are approved partners of Cinterion. The MTX-63/65 are powered by a Cinterion TC63/65 module respectively, whilst the MTX-65+G is powered by a Cinterion XT65 module. The MTX-H25 and H25-Plus are powered by the Cinterion HC25 module. 

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