TI RFID transponder for small tags

Texas Instruments has introduced its smallest half-duplex radio frequency identification (RFID) mini-transponder for embedded tags.

The 12mm TRPGR30TGC and TRPGP40TGC glass encapsulated mini-transponders are 12mm x 2.12mm in size.

Each TRPGR30TGC mini-transponder is pre-programmed with a unique code for industrial applications and asset tracking. TRPGP40TGC mini-transponders can be programmed by users for livestock-, pet-ID and fish tracking.

The mini-transponder can be fully encapsulated in carbon fiber (bicycle frames, aerospace, automotive applications), environments with high noise levels (industrial applications, assembly lines) and in salt water.
The TRPGP40TGC is programmable according to ISO 11784 / 11785 global livestock ID standards so customers can create compatible products that can be read by 134.2 kHz ISO-compliant receivers/infrastructure worldwide.

The mini-transponders are durable enough for use in applications including tool, medical instrument, package and inventory tracking and safe enough for use in fish and livestock tracking and pet identification and are expected to work for up to 30 years.


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