Wireless train sensor harvests energy

Energy harvesting firm Perpetuum has gone to LPRS for radios for its real-time railway bearing monitoring system.

Changing vibration and temperature patterns from bearings can warn they are becoming worn, and the Perpetuum sensor system provides vibration data for long term failure prediction and temperature data for short term…

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MEMS sensor detects height differences of 50cm

A pressure sensor which can detect height differences of as little as 50cm uses MEMS technology developed by Omron.

The sensor module can measure altitude, atmospheric pressure or water depth in wearable electronics, activity monitors, industrial and marine instruments and mobile phones and cameras.

The 2SMPB-01-01 absolute pressure…

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Two terminal Hall sensor has error correction

There is a lot going on inside Allegro’s latest two-terminal Hall-effect detector.

Not only is there DSP alongside the chip’s sensors, but a co-packaged supply capacitor too.
Aimed at sensing fast-rotating small diameter wheels, and called A1688, “the device contains a sophisticated digital circuit…

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CMOS image sensors have industrial spec

ON Semiconductor’s latets CMOS image sensors offer resolutions of 300k, 500k and 1.3Mpixels for general purpose industrial image sensing applications such as machine vision, security and surveillance.

The CMOS sensor range, dubbed Python, allows the capture of fast moving scenes without distortion by combining a read noise of…

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Non-contacting torque sensor for power steering

TT Electronics’ Sensing and Control division has expanded its series of sensors for electronic power steering (EPS) applications.

The device, designated the Magnetorque Plus, combines a non-contacting torque sensor with a multi-turn position sensor in a single package.

The torque and position sensing functions are based on Hall…

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Murata claims surface mount ultrasonic sensor first

Murata has developed its first surface-mount ultrasonic sensor in a package measuring 5.2 x 5.2 mm and 1.15 mm thick.

The MA40H1S-R series is capable of delivering up to 100dB sound pressure at 40kHz. Operating voltage is 6Vp-p and the sensor has a -6dB…

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Integrated sensor designs get benefit of fieldbus

Despite developments in sensor technology, the integration of a sensor within a larger systems device often results in a simple digital on/off signal. Whilst many applications would find this adequate, there is so much more that is possible by integrating the operation and configuration of sensors into the machine…

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Continental uses ams silicon sensor for chassis height control

Austrian mixed-signal chip firm, ams says automotive supplier Continental is using its AS5162, magnetic position sensor, in a new chassis height sensor.

The chip operates with a two-pole magnet to detects angular displacements as fine as 0.09° over a full revolution.

It is a non-contacting semiconductor…

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