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Symbisa board serves as IoT Sensor Kit


Never have sensors been so sexy, thanks to the IoT. Check out the latest system that focuses on developing sensors for all they are worth – an IoT Sensor Kit from the London-based company Hanhaa. The idea, of course, is to help Makers track and monitor elements of their personal environment. Specifically, there are five sensors in the package that ...

Smart Home gadgets networked in CSRmesh

CSRmesh kit

One to note, maybe, for those building gadgets to automate processes within their own home. CSR is updating CSRmesh, its Bluetooth Smart-based mesh networking protocol, for improved Home Automation support (previously the emphasis was on lighting control).

DevBoard Watch: TI wireless haptic development kit

TI Haptic Bluetooth Kit DRV2605EVM-BT

Texas Instruments today introduced what it describes as the industry’s first wireless haptic development kit – the TI Haptic Bluetooth Kit, DRV2605EVM-BT. The wireless comms are via Bluetooth Smart, and the kit lets you create particular haptic sequences and LED patterns for tactile feedback, notifications and alerts. These are from a pre-licensed library of a hundred distinct haptic effects, says ...

Nymi biometric wristband authenticates your identity

Nymi 2

The latest iPhone features a biometric Home button, to help the device quickly authorise your access, but of course it is not the first gadget to go down this route. New Scientist has highlighted another device that uses biometric information to save you remembering multiple passwords and the like. But it is not fingerprint info, but your very heartbeat. Nymi ...