Allegro Hall-effect sensor has dual analogue/PWM output

The A1359 from Allegro MicroSystems Europe is a programmable linear Hall-effect sensor IC with a dual analogue/PWM output for applications requiring output redundancy.

The device has been designed for use in applications, such as displacement and angular position sensing, that require accuracy and redundant outputs.

This is achieved in the dual tracking output of the A1359, where the PWM output tracks the analogue output to within ±3%.

There has one-time programming using non-volatile memory to optimise device sensitivity and to set the quiescent output voltage and duty cycle for a given application or circuit.

The sensitivity range of the A1359 is 4mV/G to 9mV/G, and the quiescent analogue output is adjustable around 50% of the supply rail voltage.

The A1359LLETR-T is available in a TSSOP-08 (suffix LE) surface-mount package.


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