PRQA releases new high reliability C++ coding blueprint

An updated verison of the high integrity C++ coding standard (HIC++) has been published by PRQA.


HIC++ was first published 10 years ago and more than 24,000 copies having been downloaded.

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Version 4 of HIC++ consolidates or retires a number of original rules and adds many more related to C++11 features, demonstrating its ongoing relevance to modern C++ coding best practice.

Enhancements include:

• Overall consolidation of rules to a more manageable size – down from 202 to 155, which are categorised using relevant clauses and sub-clauses from the text of the language standard (ISO C++ 2011) for easy navigation and cross reference,

• 61 new rules added, mostly related to C++11 updates, (lambdas, rvalue references, concurrency enhancements), but also covering other best practices,

• 80 rules have been retired and 44 have been merged down to 16,

• All rules receive improved explanations including compliant and non-compliant code examples.

The new HIC++ coding standard is now available at, in addition to a whitepaper by the authors, summarizing the rationale behind V4.0, the changes from the previous version and how HIC++ fits with other key C++ coding standards.




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