Bluetooth stack supports over the air updates

Nordic Semiconductor has released its latest Bluetooth low energy software stack.

A feature of the latest release of the S110 SoftDevice stack (v7.0) is its support for wireless firmware upgrades.

It allows complete application and protocol stack upgrades and is not limited to partial updates and patching.

There is…

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Android dev kit for MIFARE contactless card applications

NXP Semiconductors has introduced a software development kit for creating Android smartphone apps for its MIFARE, ICODE and NTAG access control and payment card ICs.

The apps can then be uploaded to the Google Play store.

The kit includes a sample app project with source code included. There is also…

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MCU design tool has Microsoft Excel interface

Micrium has announced the latest release of its µC/Probe, a Windows-based application that allows engineers to graphically view and change the embedded system designs at run-time.

µC/Probe can read from and write to the memory (or I/O) of just about any embedded processor during run…

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Green Hills compiler adds 64-bit ARM processor support

Green Hills Software’s latest release of its high-reliability system certified compiler supports ARMv8-A 64-bit Cortex-A57 and Cortex-A53 processors.

Compiler 2014 also supports new processors, including ARM Cortex-A12, Cortex-A17, and latest versions of the Freescale Qorivva MPC57xx series Power Architecture microcontrollers and QorIQ…

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Intersil simplifies power design with free graphical tool

Intersil has introduced a graphical power design tool. Called the PowerNavigator, the tool is a free, downloadable GUI that allows designers to set up and control any power supply architecture.

The PowerNavigator tool has a “hardware-free” mode intended to allow users to select Intersil components prior to hardware development…

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Altium 3D design tool takes AutoCAD and Eagle data

Altium’s 3D PCB design system, Designer 14 now supports flex and rigid-flex design, including schematic capture, 3D PCB layout, analysis and programmable design.

This release of Altium Designer includes the ability to handle the challenges of flex and rigid-flex designs including advanced layer stack management.

The company…

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PRQA releases new high reliability C++ coding blueprint

An updated verison of the high integrity C++ coding standard (HIC++) has been published by PRQA.

HIC++ was first published 10 years ago and more than 24,000 copies having been downloaded.

Version 4 of HIC++ consolidates or retires a number of original rules and adds many more related to…

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Vector Software supports Freescale MQX RTOS

Vector Software is now supporting the Freescale MQX real-time operating system with its VectorCAST suite of tools for software testing.

VectorCAST/RSP is the Run-time Support Package add-on to the VectorCAST toolset which enables testing of real-time applications directly in an embedded target or simulator environment…

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