XMOS suite of audio reference designs

XMOS is to release a suite of audio reference designs, including source code for Ethernet AVB and USB 2.0.

Code will be available before February for royalty-free use in XMOS programmable chips.
Ethernet AVB is multiple-source multiple-sink audio over mixed-use networks on existing cabling.

This reference design is claimed to be the world’s first software-based implementation of the 802.1AS timing synchronisation engine and the IEEE 1722 Layer 2 transport protocol.

Designed to run on the firm’s XS1-G family, it requires nine threads and 80kbyte memory – 30% of the resources in a XS1-G4.

USB audio is for point-to-point connections. XMOS’ code supports 480Mbit/s which allows multiple hi-fi streams on a single link. The USB reference design is available in C.

Typical applications include AV receivers, Internet protocol speakers and professional studio equipment.

More information: www.xmos.com

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