PC scope has seven instruments

SL987 is a USB-powered PC test instrument from Analog Arts of Massachusetts that includes:

Analog Arts PC scope - PC scope has seven instruments
  • oscilloscope
  • spectrum analyser
  • data recorder
  • arbitrary waveform generator
  • frequency and phase analyser
  • logic analyser
  • pattern generator

The oscilloscope has a bandwidth of 1GHz, and a real sampling rate of up to 250MHz (125MHz/channel) with an effective sampling rate of 100GHz.

Analog Arts PC scopeThe arbitrary waveform generator has over 25 standard functions with frequencies of up to 150MHz. Arbitrary wave-forms can also be generated with sampling rates of 1 to 100MHz. There is a graphical editor to create waveforms.

Logic analyser and the pattern generator feature a protocol analyser and pattern generator editor.

Lower bandwidth versions are also available, and all the scopes are made in the USA.



  1. Thanks Alex
    Good to have a first hand report.
    – just to check, that was the Analog Arts scope, and not the one I mentioned?

  2. I can speak as to my experience. On one occasion, I had to measure the phase difference between a signal and its reflection from a plate (antenna). The signal frequency varied from 100 MHz to 1.2 GHz. The device certainly lived up to its specs.

  3. Thanks for the feedback Jack T
    I have some experience with a PC scope from Pico Tech, and what I learned was: never underestimate the performance of a scope just because it is in a little box attached to a laptop.
    Hats off to the smart folk who design clean analogue front-ends 🙂
    BTW, did you ever manage to use the 1GHz analogue bandwidth – I am guessing that only comes into play if the scope can be used in sampling mode – in which case, there must be a neat sampler somewhere in there.

  4. I have one of these and I’m more than happy with it! Great product!

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