RedRat updates set-top box tester

RedRat of Saffron Walden is to launch a new version of its irNetBox TV set top box testing and monitoring product (earlier version pictured), which will now include a display and navigation panel to simplify installation and improve operational feedback.

RedRat irNetBoxIV

The display will also show client-specific testing information, such as the type, frequency or duration of tests being conducted.

“The new version is intended to give set top box manufacturers greater control over stress testing processes and simplify installation and use,” said the firm.

Other features in irNetBox MkIV, as it will be known, will include a real-time clock (to enable autonomous testing directly from the device), Power over Ethernet (PoE) support and extended API capabilities.

An expansion header will accommodate RedRat’s RF modules to allow mixed infra-red and RF4CE or Bluetooth LE control in environments with heterogeneous groups of set-top boxes.

Mk-IV will be back-compatible with previous irNetBoxes and compatible with other RedRat products including Test Manager, a software tool with Python-based scripting for DTV testing.

The firm’s products can be used stand-alone,  or integrated with in-house test frameworks or third party tools.


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