Rohde & Schwarz attenuators for 18GHz signals

Rohde & Schwarz has introduced a range of step attenuators consisting of a base unit and two external step attenuators.

The RSC base unit is available with or without internal step attenuator. The internal step attenuators come in three versions and can handle signals up to max. 18GHz.

The two external step attenuators cover frequencies up to max. 67GHz. Every base unit can control up to four external step attenuators in parallel.  

The instruments attenuate signal power step by step either manually or by remote control. A typical field of application is the calibration of measuring instruments, especially receiver linearity testing.

The RSC base unit with internal step attenuator is available in three versions. The standard version covers an attenuation range of 139dB with a 1dB step size up to 6GHz.

There is also a precision step attenuator especially for users in aerospace and defence.

It covers the frequency range from DC to 6GHz and features a maximum attenuation of 139.9dB and a step size of 0.1dB, which is unique worldwide. The third version handles the frequency range up to 18GHz with a maximum attenuation of 115dB and a step size of 5dB.


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