Rohde & Schwarz offers Advantest multi-path analyser

Rohde & Schwarz has added the U3800 2-channel vector/spectrum signal analyser from Advantest to its test portfolio.

The analyser supports simultaneous phase-coherent signal analysis of two unknown RF signals, this is important when doing phase difference measurements in any RF multi-path application without the need to take out a partial component of the complete transmission path.

The unit can carry out vector calculation of two signals, which can be used for detection of reception problems caused by inter-circuit interferences or by radio wave reflections.

The simultaneously, phase-synchronous measure of two signals can be used for identification of noise sources. It can help to identify the transmission path of interferers in electro-vehicles.

Typical applications include cross polarisation discrimination in satellite communication, phased array / radar  antenna measurements, EMI and astrophysical measurements at inconvenient ambient noise conditions, antenna diversity or multi-path receiver measurements, smart antennas.

There are three Advantest models available from Rohde & Schwarz: U3841 (2 x 3GHz), U3851 (2 x 8GHz), U3872 (2 x 43GHz).

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