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Anritsu launch multiple protocol optical network tester

Anritsu’s latest optical communications network tester is a multiple protocol instrument which supports Ethernet, Fibre Channel and SDH/SONET at rates up to 10Gbit/s, as well as optical transport network (OTN) testing.

Designated the MT1000A Network Master Pro, the optical network tester is aimed at technicians who install…

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Aeroflex shows multi-radio tester

Aeroflex has introduced a radio test system for analogue AM and FM and Digital P25, DMR, dPMR, NXDN, and ARIB T98 technologies.

Designated the 8800, the rugged test set has 2.5 hour internal battery required for field testing. With a measurement range of -140 dBm to 500 W, the…

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3D inspection of sintering paste for high temperature PCBs

Goepel electronic has developed a system for inspection of printed sintering paste in the manufacturing process of electronic assemblies.

Sintering paste is used as an alternative to conventional solder paste when high power density and good electrical and thermal conductivity is required at high operation temperatures.

Systems that operate at…

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Yokogawa ups scope memory to 250 million points

Yokogawa has increased the acquisition memory of its DLM2000 mixed-signal oscilloscope.

The length of the acquisition memory has been increased up to 62.5 Mpoints in the standard unit and up to 250 Mpoints with the extended memory option.

According to Yokogawa:
“This means that, with the maximum memory…

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Digitiser cards get FPGA-based signal averaging

Using FPGAs, Spectrum has created firmware packages that allow its high-speed M4i series digitiser cards to perform on-board signal averaging.

The M4i.44xx series cards offer real-time sampling rates of up to 500Msample/s with 14bit resolution and 250Msample/s with 16bit resolution.

Averaging can be applied…

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R&S tester sets up vehicle-to-vehicle radio links

Rohde & Schwarz has introduced a radio conformance test system for standard-compliant testing of components for vehicle-to-vehicle applications and intelligent transport systems (ITS).

The TS-ITS100 automated test system for standard-compliant testing of RF components in line with IEEE 802.11p. These components are used for…

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Agilent digital multi-meter has power supply functionality

Amplicon have added to their range of combined digital multi-meters/DC power supplies the Agilent U3606B.

The recently released U3606B is a compatible replacement to the U3606A.

For when a device under test (DUT) requires a power source the digital multi-meter/power supply combines a 5½ digit digital…

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Agilent has a reference system for multi-channel antenna calibration

Agilent Technologies has introduced a multi-channel antenna calibration reference system for calibrating and characterising large, multi-channel phased-array antennas during integration and manufacturing.

Complete phased-array antennas can consist of thousands of individual transmit/receive modules, and calibrating them can be a lengthy process.

Agilent claims its approach…

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