Advantest fast image-capture module for fast SoCs

Advantest has introduced its fastest image-capture module which can be used for testing the high-frequency D-PHY and M-PHY interface chips expected to drive growth in the image sensor market.

The T2000 3Gbit/s CMOS Image Capture Module operates on Advantest’s T2000 ISS system, used for testing system-on-chip (SoC) devices.

The image-capture rate of up to 3Gbit/s allows for parallel testing of CMOS image sensors, which are used in smartphones, digital cameras, video camcorders and automotive vision systems.

The module can simultaneously test up to 64 devices in parallel.

“Ongoing, rapid improvements in the performance and resolution of CMOS image sensors as well as the growing volume of electronic products depending upon them continue to exert downward pressure on production costs,” said Satoru Nagumo, senior vice president of the ASD Test Business Group at Advantest.

As well as being used for production test, the module also can be used to shorten turnaround time in verifying semiconductor designs on first silicon.

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