Agilent waveform generator reaches 5 to 7GHz

Agilent Technologies’ wide-bandwidth M8190A arbitrary waveform generator can now be used for signalling in the 5- to 7GHz spectrum.

The Agilent M8190A signal source has up to 80dBc of spurious-free dynamic range.

Capabilities include switching between 14-bit output at 8GSa/s and 12-bit output at 12GSa/s.

The generator contains three amplifiers that are optimised for different applications. There is also support for various output formats, including NRZ (no return to zero), DNRZ (double no return to zero), RZ (return to zero) and doublet mode.

The higher frequency spectrum is provided by a doublet mode, which allows the generator to be used in the 5- to 7GHz spectrum.

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