Anritsu restyles VNA for low cost s-parameter tests

 anritsu vnaAnritsu has introduced a range of low cost vector network analysers (VNAs) for s-parameter rmeasurement of passive components, cables, connectors, filters, and antennas

The VNAs can perform the single-ended and mixed-mode S-parameter measurements typically required for production testing of passive devices, offering frequency coverage up to 40GHz. They can also conduct path loss characterisation of more complex systems.

Prices start at €10,000 for the MS46322A 2-port model.

The slimmed down VNAs, branded ShockLine, have no display or keypad, and are controlled remotely by computer via a LAN or other connection.

The MS46522A VNA features a 70µs/point sweep speed, greater than 110dB dynamic range and corrected directivity of greater than 42dB.

The MS46524A 4-port model for differential and multi-port device testing up to 7GHz

The 2-port MS46522A is priced at €19,700 and the 4-port MS46524A is priced at €25,500.

The VNAs use SCPI command programming and have software driver support, so they can be easily integrated into most programming environments.


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