EW: Renesas ramps design house support for ARM IoT platform

Renesas Electronics says Europe-wide network of independent design houses (IDHs) is in place to support its Synergy ARM processor-based IoT development platform.


The skills on offer vary from centre-to-centre and include functional safety or graphical user interface designs up to complete turn-key product developments including case design and manufacturing.

Test and certification services are also available.

The IDH already enrolled in the Renesas Synergy Platform IDH network include (in alphabetical order):

AND Technology Research (www.andtr.com)

BFG Engineering (http://www.bfgengineering.it/)

Deta Elettronica (www.detaelettronica.it)

Elite (http://www.elitetech.it/)

Embedded Expertise (www.embedded-expertise.com)

Evidence (http://www.evidence.eu.com/)

MAC (www.mac-italia.com)

Muco Technologies (www.muco-technologies.nl)

Prevas (www.prevas.com)

RELOC (www.reloc.it)

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