Renesas releases award-winning ARM MCUs

Renesas Electronics has released software and microcontrollers for its Synergy development platform.


The platform, winner of the 2015 Elektra Internet of Things Product Innovation Award, is notable because its software is pre-qualified for the development of embedded applications.

The software combines a real-time operating system with drivers, libraries, software stacks, and application framework.

All software is supported by Renesas.

The first Synergy MCUs, the S7G2, is a 240MHz Cortex-M4 CPU core with 4Mbyte flash.

It is designed to be pin and peripheral compatible so software developed for one MCU group can be used with the other.

Renesas has added an interesting twist to its Cortex-M4 devices. It has put together a package of qualified software which it says means that product development can start at the API level.


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