Renesas works with safety-critical software firm for ADAS

Renesas Electronics is working with German safety-critical system firm TTTech Computertechnik to develop an electronic control unit (ECU) development platform for driver assistance systems (ADAS).


RH850/P1x dev board

These automotive systems rely on data from sensors throughout the vehicle to function. The aim of the collaboration is to create a control module which runs software that is compatible with various sensors from different suppliers.

The software needs to share the resources of available CPUs, hardware accelerators and communication networks in operation, without interrupting other applications by blocking shared resources.

The automotive platform combines an RH850/P1x MCU and SoCs with TTTech’s software.

The intention, said Renesas, is to use “software components are no longer tied to individual semiconductors, but can run on different MCUs, SoCs, and on one or more ECUs. In order to ensure the necessary safety during operation, various Automotive Safety Integrity Level (ASIL) levels (Note 1) on a common automotive open system architecture (AUTOSAR) interface will be made available.”

The ADAS software is based on TTTech’s TTIntegration which runs as middleware between the CPU level and the integrated applications.

According to TTTech:

“It provides each application with the CPU time and memory it needs, while separating or even abstracting hardware from applications. Therefore, the origin of data and data usage are strictly decoupled (location transparency).”

The software is designed to support various safety levels simultaneously. Partitioning is used so that a bug or defect in one specific application cannot harm any other or even cause a collapse of the whole ECU.

TTTech has also developed a deterministic Ethernet backbone for communications.


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