UCL shows 1.125Tbps fibre transmission

UCL researchers have developed equipment that can send data at 1.125Tbps down fibre.


“This is almost 50,000 times greater than the average speed of a UK broadband connection of 24Mbps, which is the current speed defining ‘superfast’ broadband,” says Lead researcher Dr Robert Maher.

It was done by sending 15 pulses of light at different frequencies simultaneously. A special receiver is able to capture the wide range of frequencies and process them.

The technique is commonly used to split up wireless signals but to date has not been used in fixed internet connections.

“This ultimately resulted in us achieving the greatest information rate ever recorded using a single receiver,” says Dr Maher.

The same speed can’t be translated into the commercial world because of distance and signal degradation but, if the technique was adopted now, it would sped up internet connections by 10x, says UCL.

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