Nanotubes for RAM under 20nm?

Sub-20nm chips could get carbon nanotube memory from work by Belgian lab Imec and Massachusetts-based Nantero.

The collaboration will focus on the carbon-nanotube (CNT) based memory developed by Nantero, with RAM arrays manufactured, tested and characterised in Imec’s facilities.

“After review of the progress to date by Nantero and its manufacturing partners, we decided that this CNT-based non-volatile memory has multiple very attractive characteristics for next-generation highly scaled memory,” said Imec CEO Luc Van den hove.

According to Nantero, it has made 4Mbit arrays in CMOS production environments, with “write speed as fast as 3ns. Endurance is expected to be unlimited and has been tested to over a trillion cycles, with low operating power and superior high temperature retention”.

“Together, Nantero and Imec can develop and demonstrate this form of memory for future applications such as terabit-scale memory arrays and ultra-fast gigabit-scale non-volatile cache memories,” said Imec CTO Jo de Boeck “If we can demonstrate the suitable endurance and speed, it could even provide an alternative for DRAM that is facing scaling limitations beyond 18nm.”

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