Osram claims record for LED replacement for fluorescent tube

Osram has pulled its divisions together to produce what it claims is the most efficient mains light source yet – a 215 lm/W prototype 1.2m fluorescent tube replacement.

Output is 3,900 lm of 3,000K (warm) white light with a CRI of 90, from 19W input.

“The record-breaking light source was developed by the central research department together with the optical semiconductor and lamp business units,” said the firm. “The peak efficiency is achieved both with warm and cool white light.”

Inside is a combination of red LED chips and green-whitish Osram LEDs (shades of th eLuxeon Lime here) containing a self-developed phosphor that is approaching production maturity, according to Osram, as well as materials with maximum reflection and an “innovative” integrated optic for minimising absorption.

The specifically developed control unit is 95% efficient (so 205 lm/W wall plug efficiency).

There is no photo, but it is just like a fluorescent tube to look at.

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