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Europe's big push in graphene research

Europe’s Graphene Flagship research project is doubling in size with the numbers of small companies getting involved increasing.

Graphene was made and tested in Europe, leading to the 2010 Nobel Prize in Physics for Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov from the University of Manchester.

The hope is that this…

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Surrey University sets up graphene R&D centre

The University of Surrey is setting up a research centre to focus on graphene, the next generation semiconductor technology, which is also the focus of a €1bn Europe research programme.

The graphene centre at Surrey with be part of the university’s Advanced Technology Institute (ATI) and will include manufacturing…

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Europe's €1bn graphene research grows bigger

Europe’s flagship graphene collaboration research project  is about to get even larger.

One of the largest-ever European research initiatives will expand further as result of a €9m competitive call.

New industrial and academic partners will be invited to join the of Graphene Flagship consortium, which already has 76…

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FD-SOI is at "tipping point", says Soitec

Soitec says FD-SOI (fully-depleted silicon-on-insulator) has the potential to become an important high volume next-generation semiconductor process technology.

The French FD-SOI semiconductor technology supplier was speaking following the announcement of an FD-SOI fab deal between Samsung and STMicroelectronics.

It said the supply chain…

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Manchester deal puts graphene on road to commercial market

A company quoted on London’s AIM stock market company has bought major stake in a spin-out company developing graphene semiconductor products based on technology pioneered at the University of Manchester.

This is a big step in the commercialisation of the university’s Nobel Prize-winning grapheme research.


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SureCore tests first 'low-power' SRAM chip

SureCore has said that the first tests of its low power SRAM design confirm its simulations and ”deliver in excess of 50% power savings over other SRAM technologies”.

The UK-based embedded memory process developer taped out its low power SRAM IP demonstrator chip in October on STMicroelectronics’ 28nm Fully…

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Imec: 30 years of world beating chip research

Belgium-based nanotechnology research centre Imec  is celebrating its 30th anniversary.

Founded in 1984 as a non-profit organisation, Imec has grown to be a multi-disciplinary R&D centre in the fields of semiconductor chips and systems, electronics for life sciences, photovoltaics, image sensors and flexible electronics and…

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Qualcomm assesses Leti's 3D chip technology, it is not TSV

Qualcomm Technologies has signed a technology agreement with CEA-Leti to assess the implementation of the French research centre’s sequential 3D technology.

In recent years, Leti has been actively working on a new 3D integration technology process called sequential 3D integration that enables the stacking of active layers of…

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