Process R&D

SureCore tests first 'low-power' SRAM chip

SureCore has said that the first tests of its low power SRAM design confirm its simulations and ”deliver in excess of 50% power savings over other SRAM technologies”.

The UK-based embedded memory process developer taped out its low power SRAM IP demonstrator chip in October on STMicroelectronics’ 28nm Fully…

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Imec: 30 years of world beating chip research

Belgium-based nanotechnology research centre Imec  is celebrating its 30th anniversary.

Founded in 1984 as a non-profit organisation, Imec has grown to be a multi-disciplinary R&D centre in the fields of semiconductor chips and systems, electronics for life sciences, photovoltaics, image sensors and flexible electronics and…

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Qualcomm assesses Leti's 3D chip technology, it is not TSV

Qualcomm Technologies has signed a technology agreement with CEA-Leti to assess the implementation of the French research centre’s sequential 3D technology.

In recent years, Leti has been actively working on a new 3D integration technology process called sequential 3D integration that enables the stacking of active layers of…

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Printable electronics start-up produces 6V display driver

An Oslo-based  start-up developing printed electronics circuits has demonstrated a low-voltage display driver which operates at 6V and is capable of driving electrochromic displays.

The company, Thin Film Electronics ASA, came to prominence when it commercialised printed rewritable memory. It is now creating other printable electronic circuits…

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Fujitsu turns to SuVolta to halve Cortex-A0 power consumption

Deeply depleted channel (DDC) transistors have enabled Fujitsu to halve the power consumption of a 65nm ARM Cortex-M0 core.

The technology, licenced from SuVolta, reduces process variations by removing dopant atoms from the channel, without resorting to finfets or SoI wafers.

Without dopant-derived transistor threshold variations, all the…

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French PM kicks off Nano2017

The French prime minister attended the opening of the “Nano2017” R&D programme at Crolles earlier this week, following in the footsteps of former French President Jacques Chirac who opened Crolles’ Fab 2…

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Diamond-like thin film devices could be used as medical sensors

Finnish coating technology specialist Picodeon has developed a technique for depositing very hard diamond-like films onto a range of different substrates using its patented ultra-short pulsed laser deposition (US PLD) technology.

The coatings create surfaces with hardness greater than 40Gpa, and with a low coefficient of friction. This…

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