Japanese deals boost next-gen RAM at Imec

Belgian research lab Imec has signed R&D deals with equipment makers Canon Anelva and Tokyo Electron (TEL) towards making spin-transfer torque magnetoresistive RAM (STT-MRAM).

Imec’s program aims to exploring STT-MRAM beyond 1ns operation and 10nm scaling for both embedded and stand-alone applications.

“It is a promising alternative high-density technology for existing memory such as SRAM and DRAM,” said Imec CEO Luc Van den hove.

TEL is aiming to develop etch tools for high-density memory and, as part of the collaboration, TEL’s Tactras etch tool has been installed in IMEC’s 300mm clean room as part of the lab’s dedicated STT-MRAM tool set.

“The Tactras tool enables Imec and TEL to jointly develop the patterning processes for high-density STT-MRAM. The tool is designed for in-situ cluster patterning of the magnetic tunnel junction,” said Imec.

Canon Anelva’s deposition tool has been installed in the same 300mm cleanroom, and will be used with the STT-MRAM cluster.

Imec-Canon work will include the establishment of the baseline process for magnetic tunnel junctions, joint R&D on thin film deposition and stack engineering for STT-MRAM, and the development of integrated STT-MRAM devices.

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