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Analogue ICs growing faster than the industry

Analogue is outpacing the industry. Average annual analogue IC unit growth rate is forecast by IC Insights to be 8.9% between 2013 and 2018 compared to 7.2% growth forecast for the industry as a whole…

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AMS builds €25m 3D IC line in Austria

Austrian analogue chip firm AMS has invested over €25m to create dedicated 3D IC production capacity at its wafer fab near Graz, citing “soaring demand for stacked-die devices”.

“The 3D IC production line is a substantial investment for a company the size of AMS, and it demonstrates our commitment…

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600W bench PSUs

TDK has added 600W models to its Z+ bench-top PSUs.

“Complementing the Z+200, Z+400 and Z+800 ranges, these 600W supplies offer the same features and carry a 5-year warranty,” said the firm. The Z+600 range is also suited for ATE and OEM 2U rack…

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Bi-directional 3MHz dc-dc charges Li-ion and supplies 5V

Aimed at devices that can both be charged from USB, and supply 5V through the same connector for USB on-the-go (OTG), Fairchild has released a bidirectional dc-dc converter.

FAN54015 is a 3MHz synchronous converter, capable of supplying 1.45A to the cell at a programmable float from…

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No substitute for a designer's experience, says Altium

We must give engineers to draw on their experience when starting new designs, writes Robert Huxel When an electronic design engineer creates a working environment, they don’t first make a bench, and then a power supply, and then a DMM, and then an oscilloscope or frequency counter. They procure…

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Silicon Labs DAB/DAB+ chip has audio processing

Silicon Labs has introduced an antenna-input-to-audio-output digital radio receiver supporting FM, HD Radio and DAB/DAB+ broadcast standards.

The Si468x receivers support auto-calibrated digital tuning and FM seek functionality based on multiple signal quality and band parameters and provide audio processing features including noise blanking…

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Globalpress Summit: Exar transitioning

“The server world is changing,” said Lou di Nardo, CEO of Exar, at the Globalpress Summit in Santa Cruz, “the customers are defining the system they want. There’s a focus on low-power servers which is creating a discontinuity – programmability is one feature of that.”   An example is a…

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Ofgem approves smart meter code-of-practice

Ofgem has approved an industry code-of-practice designed to protect consumers during the smart meter roll-out.

“With the roll-out of smart meters getting fully under way next year, it is essential that householders and businesses have confidence that meter installations are done in a fair and professional…

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16bit PICs get more analogue, operation, and fewer pins

Microchip has introduced the PIC24F ’KM’ family with “a new level of integrated analogue functionality”, said the firm, “including a 12bit ADC with threshold detection, 8bit DACs for control loops, precision comparator references, and op-amps.” For motor-control, power-supply and lighting, the microcontrollers have the firm’s multiple…

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Linear has configurable clock IC for power-on reset

Linear Technology has a low frequency clock IC which can be configured for long duration power-on reset and watchdog timer applications.

The LTC6995 combines a programmable oscillator with precision circuitry and logic. The frequency range is set with resistors for a clock period from 1ms to 9.5 hours…

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