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Programmable analogue is the answer, but not always


It is now possible to replace tens of chips with one programmable analogue device, writes Steve Logan of Maxim. Like nearly everything else in the semiconductor industry today, hardware system designers are trying to do more with less. When you add a new single-point-function integrated circuit, you need time for evaluation, to read a new datasheet, and even get support from ...

Four-Channel PMBus Power System Manager

Linear four-channel

Systems with multiple power rails are becoming more efficient, but increasingly complex and difficult to design. In such systems, operating costs and complexity have shifted the power system design paradigm. To adapt, groups of power supplies need to be controlled and monitored to manage efficiency, to coordinate sequencing, and to measure power and energy consumption.

ADL5811 and ADL5812 Wideband Passive Mixers


"Analog Devices' single- and dual-channel RF mixers (ADL5811 / ADL5812) are first in the industry to incorporate wideband local oscillator (LO) amplifier, programmable RF balun and IF filter, and IF amplifier to support wideband operation for wireless infrastructure and software-defined radio applications."