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MSP430 goes 32bit with Cortex-M4F

Texas Instruments has introduced an ARM Cortex-M4F version of its MSP430 microcontroller family, taking it from 16 to 32bits, with no extra power draw.

“The integrated DSP engine and floating-point core of the ARM Cortex-M4F core enable a multitude of high performance applications, such as signal conditioning…

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ARM works with Silicon Labs to lower mbed power

ARM is working with Silicon Labs to create power management application programming interfaces (API) for Cortex-M-based embedded systems as part of its mbed development platform.

The APIs are designed to allow developers to manage processor and peripheral states.

For example a feature exposed by the APIs on Silicon…

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Cambridge power tech firm folds

Cambridge-based power electronics start-up Amantys has stopped trading.

The company has struggled in the last 12 months to take its power semiconductor technology to global markets. This followed a venture funding of $8m in 2013.

Amantys was formed in 2010 by former ARM executives and an academic from…

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NXP/Freescale merger ups ARM’s market hold

NXP Semiconductors’ $12bn acquisition of Freescale Semiconductor will create the largest supplier of microcontrollers in the market.

This is good news for ARM, because more than half the combined MCU product ranges are designed around on the Cambridge-based processor company’s cores.

NXP’s own LPC range of ARM…

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Display board has quad-core ARM processor for H.265 decode

A display driver board from Review Display Systems (RDS) supports embedded Display Port, HDMI and MIPI.

The eDP interface, for LCD use, is available with one, two or four lanes (6bit, 8bit and 10bit respectively).

The multimedia board, called Orion RK3288 uses the RockChip RK3288 quad-core ARM Cortex-A17…

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MWC: ARM CEO calls for mobile network re-think

ARM CEO Simon Segars told delegates at Mobile World Congress today that mobile network infrastructure needs to dramatically change if global markets are going to realise the true potential universal broadband communications.

“Mobile infrastructure is now seen as an enabler for economic growth around the world, but without investment and…

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MWC: ARM thinks IoT not happening fast enough

ARM thinks the development of devices which embed its processors for the internet of things (IoT) is not happening fast enough.

In other words the industry cannot have too many starter kits for designing devices that connect to the internet.

Mobile World Congress: Your Electronics Weekly guide »

So ARM has…

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Samsung confirms processor for S6 is its own design

Samsung yesterday announced two new, highly anticipated, flagship smartphones, the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge, at Mobile World Conference in Barcelona, writes Tom Wilson.

However, ARM-based CPU manufacturer Qualcomm is noticeably absent from the hardware specification of the new Galaxy S smartphones, with Samsung finally opting for their…

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