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Toshiba Cortex-M0 microcontroller adds comms for motor control

Toshiba has introduced a range of ARM Cortex-M0 based microcontrollers for motor control which meets the need for multiple communications channels along with interfaces for reading data from sensors.

The TMPM037FWUG microcontroller has a bit-band processing function that supports access and control of specific bits.

This makes more…

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RTOS supports code reuse across ARM Cortex M cores

Mentor Graphics has a new version of its Embedded Nucleus real-time operating system (RTOS) which provides memory partitioning for all ARM Cortex M cores, facilitating code reuse.

By using the memory protection unit (MPU) on ARM Cortex M- based cores, the Nucleus RTOS process model creates memory partitioning without…

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Arduino-based GPS/GLONASS module links to Googlemaps

An Arduino-based GPS/GLONASS vehicle tracker developed by Tigal is on the Indiegogo crowd-funding website.

This is the second version of the firm’s OpenTracker system, which is an open source commercial grade GPS/GLONASS vehicle tracker that comes with a free web interface for tracking it on…

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Toshiba intros all-in-one smart meter MCU

Toshiba Electronics is targeting smart metering designs with a ARM Cortex-M4F core-based microcontroller for making electric power calculation in meters, but which will also manage comms and display functions.

The TMPM411F20XBG MCU also implements tamper detection and failure detection along with key security functions suitable for secure network…

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Nvidia goes own way with 64-bit ARM CPU

Nvidia has designed a 64-bit, dual-core processor based on the ARMv8 architecture.

Dubbed Denver, the processor will be used in the firm’s first 64-bit version of its Tigra K1 mobile processor designed for Android smartphones and tablets.

This new version of Tegra K1 pairs our 192…

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What’s new about 14nm processors for Intel?

Intel may have grabbed the headlines with the announcement that its first 14nm processor will be on general release next year.

But by then the Broadwell processor will just one of a number of 14nm chips in production.

Intel has long insisted that its production capability, which it has always…

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Atmel adds powerline comms to metering platform

Atmel’s latest power line communications device is based on SAM4Cx smart metering platform which uses a dual-core 32-bit ARM Cortex-M4 architecture.

The SAM4CP16B IC is compatible with Atmel’s ATPL230A OFDM physical layer (PHY) device compliant with PRIME standard specification.

It has the benefit of incorporating…

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