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Cray looks at ARM64 for supercomputing

Cray is evaluating 64bit ARM processors alongside Intel products for its supercomputers, partly under a US Government program called FastForward 2 which asks the firm to explore 64bit ARMs for high performance computing (HPC).

Cray is also working with 64bit ARM chip company Cavium to build processing clusters based on…

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Peripherals are Microchip’s ARM buster trick

Microchip believes even quite sophisticated motor control can implemented with an 8-bit microcontroller.

Microchip is questioning the assumption that high end motor control requires the performance of a 32-bit ARM microcontroller or indeed its own 32bit MIPS-based MCUs.

“We refuse to commoditise the 8-bit microcontroller, we…

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Spansion licenses ARM Cortex M7

Spansion announced at Electronica that it has licensed the ARM Cortex-M7 processor, which will be integrated into the company’s next-generation MCUs…

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Infineon launches ARM-based auto bridge drivers

Infineon announced at Electronica an ARM-based Embedded Power family of bridge drivers offering an unmatched level of integration to address the growing trend towards intelligent motor control for a wide range of automotive applications…

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ARM v-p talks autonomous systems at Mentor user event

ARM v-p Keith Clarke will discuss the challenges of designing autonomous electronic systems at the European Mentor Graphics User Conference which takes place in Munich this week.

Mentor’s European user community will hear Clarke discuss some of the societal benefits of autonomous systems along with the commercial opportunity…

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Dual-core rival to Raspberry Pi

Banana Pi is a single board computer from China that is mechanically similar to the Raspberry PI educational computer.

Computationally, it is far more powerful as it is built around Allwinner’s A20 chip with a 1GHz dual core ARM Cortex-A7 and it has 1Gbyte of DDR3 RAM. Also…

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MathWorks says model-based design is good for ARM Cortex-A

MathWorks says that code generated from MATLAB and Simulink can now be optimised for running on ARM Cortex-A processors.

Simulink also offers built-in target support for ARM-based hardware devices including BeagleBone Black, Xilinx Zynq, STMicroelectronics Discovery Board, and Freescale Freedom Board.

The MathWorks  Embedded Coder tool generates…

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Comment: Security is next killer app for ARM

ARM does not want to be seen as just a mobile processor.

After years of searching for as design feature which will open up non-mobile applications, maybe the answer has been there all along. It is secure systems.

The ARM processor architecture has been progressively adapted to make it…

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