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MathWorks says model-based design is good for ARM Cortex-A

MathWorks says that code generated from MATLAB and Simulink can now be optimised for running on ARM Cortex-A processors.

Simulink also offers built-in target support for ARM-based hardware devices including BeagleBone Black, Xilinx Zynq, STMicroelectronics Discovery Board, and Freescale Freedom Board.

The MathWorks  Embedded Coder tool generates…

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Comment: Security is next killer app for ARM

ARM does not want to be seen as just a mobile processor.

After years of searching for as design feature which will open up non-mobile applications, maybe the answer has been there all along. It is secure systems.

The ARM processor architecture has been progressively adapted to make it…

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ARM describes finfets in the real-world

Finfet technology, with its 3D structure, is seen as the key semiconductor technology for the next generation of deep sub-micron chip design. Leah Schuth describes how physical IP developers will rise to the challenge.

The semiconductor industry faces a major change in the way that ICs are made in…

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ARM launches Mali IP for mobiles

ARM has brought out a suite of integrated media Mali IP designed for the high volume smartphone and tablet markets which is currently a billion unit opportunity…

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Swiss firm offers customisable ARM computer modules

An open-source design methodology for customised single-board computers has been developed by Swiss ARM-based embedded computing module supplier Toradex.

Called Viola, the design platform is based on a carrier board which is paired with a module in the supplier’s pin-compatible Colibri family to create customised…

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Green Hills tools make ARM Cortex-M7 hi-rel

Green Hills Software has announced availability of its development tool suite and μ-velOSity real-time operating system (RTOS) for the recently introduced ARM Cortex-M7 processor.

The development tool suite includes the Green Hills ARM C/C++ compilers, Probe and SuperTrace Probe, and the MULTI integrated software development environment.


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Pre-silicon software verification will speed development, says Mentor Graphics

Delivering a system-on-chip (SoC) is no longer simply deploying silicon. Modern devices are delivered with significant amounts of software, including software stacks, middleware, boot code, and drivers.

You could wait until the silicon has been delivered and put it on a board to begin developing this software, but…

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