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ARM warms to FD-SOI

FD-SOI is becoming an interesting technology for the mobile SoC market, reckons ARM.

I think it’s very interesting,” ARM evp Pete Hutton told Electronics Weekly, “if you look at low-power/low-cost a lot of people are sticking at 28nm and not moving to 16nm finfet because…

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ARM sales leap, record processor licences signed

ARM saw Q2 revenues rise 15% to $357 million and profits rise 32% to $192 million.

A record 54 processor licences were signed and one new subscription licence was signed with a major Chinese OEM.

Other points highlighted by ARM include:

7 ARMv8-A processor licences signed, including three lead…

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Micro Bit reunites BBC and ARM for grand education initiative

The BBC Micro Bit programmable device for school children was first announced back in March, along with a prototype. And the finished article was formally launched today at an event in Broadcasting House, London.

Around 1 million of the devices will be given to all Year 7 children (11/12…

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BBC micro:bit computer launches

The technical launch of the BBC micro:bit pocket computer that will be given to all Year 7 children in the UK in the Autumn was announced today.

ARM, Nordic Semiconductor, Samsung, Microsoft, Freescale, Farnell element14 and Lancaster University were among those who supported the project.

“Technology is now as…

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IoT opportunity in the telemedicine market

Devices are becoming smarter by gaining the ability to exchange data; adding smartness to existing devices will require several aspects, including the capacity to gather, evaluate and communicate data.

This is giving rise to a new term – the senstroller, a combination of sensor and microcontroller. This is a device capable…

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Freescale’s most power efficient processor has two ARM cores

Freescale’s latest generation of ARM-based embedded processors, the i.MX7 series integrates two different Cortex processor cores which adds to the MCU’s power efficiency.

As a successor the the i.MX6 series, the i.MX7 series represents Freescale’s most power efficient ARM-based applications processor to…

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Arduino goes global with Adafruit and Seeedstudio

Arduino has increased availability of the maker and developer open source computing platform across the world with supply deals in the US and China.

It has also created a new global brand for the ARM-based embedded development modules.

Arduino has signed a supply agreement with New York-based distributor…

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First Cortex-M MCUs from Renesas come with certified software

Renesas Electronics has introduced an embedded development platform, based on the ARM Cortex-M series, for industrial design and the emerging IoT market.

Called Synergy, the microcontrollers are the supplier’s first ARM Cortex devices

Renesas has added an interesting twist to its Cortex-M0 and M4 devices. It has…

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Microsemi gets auto qualification for ARM-based FPGAs

Microsemi says it has got auto qualification, AEC-Q100 grade 2, for its ARM-based, flash FPGAs and these will be on the market next month.

The ICs offer single event upset (SEU) immunity which gives protection from neutron-induced firm errors, achieving zero defect rate.

Microsemi targets them at…

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Comment: Can ARM dominate mobile GPUs too?

Samsung’s decision to use more ARM processor cores in its smartphones and tablets is not surprising.

But these are not Cortex-A series processors they are Mali graphics processing units (GPUs).

ARM rival Imagination has the GPU of choice for the mobile market.

Apple, Samsung, Motorola, Nokia all use…

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