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Q1 top 20 semi earners and growers

The top 20 semiconductor companies grew 9% in Q1 compared to last year’s Q1. The placings were affected by an unusually high number of takeovers – Mediatek/MathStar, Panasonic/Fujitsu, Micron/Elpida and Avago/LSI.

Growth stars were Mediatek, Hynix, AMD, Micron, Infineon, Freescale, Avago and NXP. ST declined by…

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Sony grabs big smartphone imager opportunity

Sony is increasing production capacity in Japan for stacked CMOS image sensors used in smartphones such as the Apple iPhone.

This represents an important business opportunity for Sony which has been struggling in the consumer TV market.

Sony has gone on record saying that it “is positioning the imaging business…

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Europe is tops for chip sales

Europe seems to be an important market for semiconductor suppliers right now.

According to figures from the World Semiconductor Trade Statistics (WSTS) and published by the European Semiconductor Industry Association, the European market grew faster in dollar terms than the world as a whole in May.

European semiconductor sales jumped…

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Comment: Embedded licensing makes intelligent devices even smarter

Consumer demand for intelligent devices and components based on embedded software shows no signs of slowing down, believes Robert Dickau, Principal Engineer at Flexera Software. The challenge for manufacturers is to produce families of these devices in a variety of market-specific configurations, without increasing production costs. In these situations…

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Samsung and Apple to dominate OEM chip spend

“After a flat year in 2012, global purchasing of semiconductors by the world’s top electronic brands is set to return to growth in 2013, as Apple and Samsung contend to claim the title of biggest spender.”

So says market analysis firm IHS.

Its findings, according to a Semiconductor Spend…

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Cypress says capacitive touch will track gloved fingers

Cypress Semiconductor says its TrueTouch Gen4 touchscreen controllers will track gloved fingers on capacitive touchscreens.

The chips now offer passive stylus support to capture handwriting and signatures accurately and proximity detection that senses an object approaching the touchscreen and powers down the display before contact to avoid accidental touches.


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TI offers first power gauge for multi-cell lead-acid battery packs

Texas Instruments has developed its first battery management gas gauge IC for multi-cell lead-acid battery packs. Lead-acid batteries typically behave better than lithium chemistries in environments with wide temperature ranges, says TI, but lead-acid battery designs do not accurately measure and report current battery capacity. The…

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Globalpress Summit: Altera and AppliedMicro address changing server world

The changing world of server manufacturing has got Altera and AppliedMicro together to jointly develop server chips. The server world is changing in that the big users of servers – Google, Microsoft, Facebook etc – are now defining their own server requirements which are then being manufactured by the Taiwanese ODMs by…

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Maxim DAB tuner supports software-defined radio

Maxim Integrated Products has designed a tuner IC for digital audio broadcast (DAB) applications which integrates a radio tuner, analogue-to-digital converter (ADC), and digital filtering, and uses a digital I2S output to interface directly to digital signal processors (DSPs). Dubbed “RF to Bits”, the supplier’s radio platform…

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Globalfoundries claims 3D chip breakthrough with TSVs

Globalfoundries claims a breakthrough in 3D stacking of chips with the demonstration of functional 20nm silicon wafers with integrated through-silicon vias. The technique allows chips to be stacked on top of each other with circuit interconnections provided by the through-silicon vias (TSVs). TSVs are vertical vias etched in…

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