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Intersil rad-hard multiplexers offer ESD protection

Intersil has introduced rad hard multiplexers that offer ESD protection, signal chain accuracy and timing performance.

The ISL71840SEH 30V 16-channel multiplexer is a drop-in replacement for Intersil’s widely adopted HS9-1840ARH, which has been aboard nearly every satellite and space exploration mission, including NASA’s recent Orion…

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Market is heading out of the Doldrums

The maritime cliché “heading out of the Doldrums” nicely summarises the performance of the UK electronic components market in the first half of 2014.

Having weathered the stormy waters of the global recession we suffered a series of squalls followed by a period of calm, and we are now catching…

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Electronica 2012: Tackling component obsolescence

Electronica 2012 will host an Obsolescence Day on November 14 in Munich when COG Deutschland will present management strategies for solving the problems of obsolete components. The short product life cycles for many consumer products is having its impact on the industrial sector with many semiconductors either increasingly difficult to…

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Altera to launch 20nm FPGAs next year

Altera intends to launch 20nm products next year with volume production starting in 2014, Bradley Howe, senior vice president for R&D at Altera, told a meeting in London this morning. The process will deliver twice the density of 28nm and a 60% reduction in static and dynamic power…

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Relays latch on to smart meter designs

By 2020 as many as 78 million electricity smart meters will need to use AC latching and power relays to manage the supply and measurement of electricity to the user, writes Steve Drumm

Most of Europe’s 240 million electricity meters are expected to be replaced by smart meters by…

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Touchscreen uses scatter, works with gloves, or anything

Swedish start-up FlatFrog has an in-glass touchscreen that uses scattered light to provide multi-touch. “The capacitive technology used in most competing screens reacts to electronic fields in the screen, hence it responds only to fingertips,” said FlatFrog. “Planar scatter detection [PSD] reacts also to thick gloves, plastic…

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Inside: Heliatek’s organic solar cell

Earlier this week, Dresden-based Heliatek claimed a world organic solar cell efficiency record: 9.8%. Although the record setting cell was 1cm2 and made on glass, the firm is entirely focussed on producing large sheets of solar cells on flexible plastic film that will be integrated into the fabric…

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Colour rendering from LED lighting

Start to look into LED lighting and quickly it becomes obvious that one type of LED will not suit all situations.

After a while, you get sophisticated enough to take colour-rendering index (CRI) and colour temperature into account, and even then you are only about halfway down the check…

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Not so quick to call the market bounce back

Guest columnist Edmund Coady, sales director at Charcroft Electronics, asks whether extended lead times on many passive components is evidence of sustained recovery in the market or just a short-lived bubble? Lead-times for some passives are being stretched as many component manufacturers report a huge rise in bookings…

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Rohm offers big tantalum capacitors in 1608 size

Rohm Semiconductor has introduced a tantalum capacitor with a package structure that allows a 4V/100µF device to be offered in a 1608 size. The package design includes a high efficiency bottom electrode structure that maximises capacitance in a minimal form factor. The full product range includes six models…

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