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TI adds three-phase power capability to Piccolo DSP

Texas instrument’s is aiming at solar inverters, motor controls, and digital power supplies with an upgrade to its Piccolo family of DSP/CPUs.

Called F2807x, it adds three phase capability with: three 12bit 3.1Msample/s ADCs instead of one, and three 12bit DACs, where there were none. Also…

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New energy efficiency rules will change motor control design

Motor control is becoming the power industry’s fastest changing technology area. The reason for this is the requirement to improve energy efficiency from the millions of motors which are used in our homes, factories and cars.

New developments in motor controller design, current sensing and control algorithms will be…

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Microsemi expands audio DSPs

Microsemi has announced a family of DSP chips.

Called Timberwolf, it is described as a third-generation DSP architecture designed with a proprietary 4 MAC core, dedicated hardware accelerators, and two independent 16bit DACs in 64pin QFN and 56pin 3×3 CSP packages.

“This field upgradable DSP platform, when combined with…

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Big data opportuntiy for embedded systems firms

Why it is that we are only now starting to appreciate the value of big data and where all this data comes from, asks Matthew Caffrey, general manager at Chesterfield-based embedded systems supplier, DSP Design.

With the advent of the cloud and storage options becoming less expensive, the rush…

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Electronics patent of the month: Anti retail-theft RFID antenna and reader

GPS with an accuracy of 2m has been developed by researchers at Carlos III University in Madrid. The researchers added three gyroscopes and three accelerometers to a conventional GPS system to pinpoint the position of cars in cities to within 2m. Unaided GPS has an accuracy of 50m in cities…

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White space transceiver from Cambridge

Neul has announced its first transceiver chip for ‘white space’ communications in 470-790MHz UHF TV bands. Called Iceni, the chip is intended for secure non-line-of-sight machine-to-machine (M2M) communications. Both 6 and 8MHz channel bandwidths are supported, and “adaptive digital modulation schemes and error correction…

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Electronica: Quad core Cortex-A15 has eight C66x DSPs

Texas instruments has announced a processor combining four of ARM’s most powerful cores with a huge DSP resource. The device, the 66AK2H12, has four 1.4GHz ARM Cortex-A15s and eight 1.2GHz TMS320C66x cores. Together with 18Mbyte of on-chip memory, the firm claims it will deliver 352Gmacs…

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ADI gives SHARC a graphical design tool for audio

Analog Devices has introduced a graphical development tool for audio applications running on its SHARC digital signal processors.

The SigmaStudio tool is a programming, development and real-time tuning software environment for SHARC processors uses a library of more than 100 pre-built audio algorithms.

The development tool supports both…

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Face detection system designed ‘in an hour’, claims TI

Texas Instruments has introduced a fingerprint recognition and face detection development kit based on its real-time DSP which comes with biometrics analysis software, preloaded. The C6748 DSP development kit incorporates the firm’s C6748 SYS/BIOS software which includes demonstrations for biometric analytics applications, such as fingerprint recognition and…

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Wolfson adds 600Mips DSP to phone audio chip

Edinburgh-based Wolfson has put a quad core DSP into an all-in-one audio chip for phones and tablets, and improved sound quality. Dubbed WM5110, the chip has a total of 600Mips of digital audio processing capacity, and audio DACs with a signal to noise ratio (SNR) of 110dB…

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