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Software takes sports car design to new level

Is this the first sports car to be designed in software like a PCB or chip?

The Ligier JS P3 sports prototype racing car was designed using simulation software to optimise its aerodynamics an for thermal design of the engine and brakes.

US-based Exa is the EDA company behind…

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UltraSoC moves on Israel

UltraSoC, the on-chip debug IP specialist, has appointed Wonderep to deliver UltraSOC’s IP to IC design teams in Israel.

“UltraSoC has one of the most exciting technologies in the SoC space today,” says Avi Pinkas, CEO of Wonderep.
“Debug really has become a pain point for chip designers…

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Mentor links IC, package and PCB design in single tool

Mentor Graphics is bringing together the IC design, package design and PCB layout in a single tool environment.

The design environment called Xpedition Package Integrator flow can be used to integrate existing IC, package and PCB design tools from Mentor and even third party tools.

According to Mentor, the integration…

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Cadence aims to speed design of big 14nm chips

Cadence Design Systems has introduced its next generation place and route IC design tool which includes a new solver-based placement engine and clock optimisation techniques.   

Called Innovus Implementation System, the tool’s core algorithms have been enhanced with multi-threading throughout the full flow, as a result designers will…

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Digi-Key adds premium Mentor tools to the list

Digi-Key has added to the range of professional-level Mentor Graphics EDA/CAD tools it offers.

The two companies have been collaborating for the last year to make professional-level EDA software at lower cost.

Premium versions of both the Designer Schematic and Designer Layout tools are now available…

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Wearable medical devices benefit from small RTOS

Aside from the many medical wearable devices used for general wellness and monitoring, such as glucose and blood pressure monitors and ECG monitors, speciality devices have also emerged, ranging from Google glasses that aid in surgery, wireless sensor insoles used for rehabilitation, undergarments for monitoring heart rate and respiration, to…

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Comment: Product-centric design is the right approach

For as long as many of us can remember, the PCB has been at the centre of the product design process.

This PCB-centric design approach is characterised by PCB, mechanical and supply chain teams working in silos until the all the pieces come together at the prototype stage. If…

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Comment: Compiled code analysis is a must for designers

The rising demands will increase the need for automated quality checks. Actually, I believe that code analysis included in the day-to-day development work will soon cease to be an option and instead become a given.

It’s already mandatory in many areas of the embedded industry to prove…

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Comment: let’s move chip design a little to the left

Looking ahead to 2015 in the electronics industry, I see a shift left.

To explain, let me back up a bit. Whether it’s the automotive electronics segment, the internet of things (IoT), or mobile devices, the consumer now dictates design in a way he or she hasn’t historically…

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Green Hills challenges “rudimentary” Linux debug

Green Hills Software has announced a software development environment for embedded Linux developers.

According to Green Hills, the Linux development software in its MULTI tool suite will address the “rudimentary” state of many debuggers for Linux, which it said were “difficult to learn, setup, and use and lack the powerful…

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