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SoC development board uses Zynq-7000 FPGA

Pro Design has introduced a system-on-chip development module based around Xilinx Zynq-7000 FPGA.

The Zynq XC7Z045 or XC7Z100 combines a user FPGA with an ARM core processor (dual ARM Cortex-A9 MPCore with CoreSight) and several on board peripherals such as USB 2.0 OTG, Gigabit Ethernet…

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Altera goes for the data centre

On the back of strong 2014 infrastructure spending Altera is forecast to grow 11-12% this year and is upping this year’s R&D budget to $430 million from $385 million last year…

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Maxim D/A system for FPGA design

Achieving high-precision, high-speed digital control loops is a challenge for designers and Maxim’s MAXREFDES74 18-bit data acquisition system helps FPGA engineers evaluate and validate their FPGA-based control systems…

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NI CompactRIO controller runs Linux RTOS on Intel Atom

NI’s latest CompactRIO controller is supported by LabVIEW 2014 and NI Linux real-time for applications in harsh, industrial environments.

This software-design controller provides data processing, custom timing and triggering, and data transfer from modular C Series I/O.

The controller has an Intel Atom processor and a…

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SDR platform can simplify MIMO radio design

The attraction of software-defined radio (SDR) is that it allows a single hardware design to support communications across a variety of formats, protocols, and frequencies, including GSM and LTE basestations, and supporting MIMO (multiple input/multiple output) designs.

A basic SDR architecture can look relatively simple, at least “on…

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Ref design: Multi-Gbit IEEE 802.3 MDIO interface controller

Lattice Semiconductor has released a reference design for optical Ethernet up to 100Gitb/s – in particular, IEEE 802.3 management data input/output (MDIO) interface controllers.

Design RD1194 uses either the firm’s MachXO3 or ECP5 FPGA families. ECP5 has up to 85,000 LUTs and SERDES (270M-3.2Gbit…

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Microsemi extends secure boot licence with Rambus

Microsemi  has extended its existing Differential Power Analysis (DPA) patent license from the Cryptography Research division of Rambus.

This allows the FPGA supplier to continue to implement DPA-resistant secure programming and boot-up protocols in its SmartFusion2 SoC FPGAs and IGLOO2 FPGAs.

DPA is is used by hackers to…

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NI adds to software-designed instrument range

National Instruments has added to its range of software-designed instruments.
The instrument’s software-designed element is LabView graphical design software, which is used to programme an FPGA with out the need for specialised languages such as VHDL and Verilog.
Two years ago, NI introduced the first software-designed…

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