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Cars to spend less time being repaired, thanks to Diana

That bugbear of motorists – the  time the car spends in the repair shop – will be reduced thanks to DIANA.

DIANA is a research project involving Audi, Continental, Infineon,  ZMDI , the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits in Dresden, the Bundeswehr University in Munich and the Universities of Cottbus, Erlangen-Nuremberg and…

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Bi-directional 3MHz dc-dc charges Li-ion and supplies 5V

Aimed at devices that can both be charged from USB, and supply 5V through the same connector for USB on-the-go (OTG), Fairchild has released a bidirectional dc-dc converter.

FAN54015 is a 3MHz synchronous converter, capable of supplying 1.45A to the cell at a programmable float from…

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Silicon Labs DAB/DAB+ chip has audio processing

Silicon Labs has introduced an antenna-input-to-audio-output digital radio receiver supporting FM, HD Radio and DAB/DAB+ broadcast standards.

The Si468x receivers support auto-calibrated digital tuning and FM seek functionality based on multiple signal quality and band parameters and provide audio processing features including noise blanking…

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Ofgem approves smart meter code-of-practice

Ofgem has approved an industry code-of-practice designed to protect consumers during the smart meter roll-out.

“With the roll-out of smart meters getting fully under way next year, it is essential that householders and businesses have confidence that meter installations are done in a fair and professional…

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Linear has configurable clock IC for power-on reset

Linear Technology has a low frequency clock IC which can be configured for long duration power-on reset and watchdog timer applications.

The LTC6995 combines a programmable oscillator with precision circuitry and logic. The frequency range is set with resistors for a clock period from 1ms to 9.5 hours…

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Plessey regulator has very low dropout current

Plessey Semiconductors has introduced the PS2292X family of linear regulators with very low dropout (LDO) current.

The LDO family operates from an input voltage as low as 1.7V and as high as 12V.

There are adjustable and fixed voltage output options, ON/OFF control, power good with 500ms delay…

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ADI reference board combines FPGAs and 14-bit ADCs

The latest addition to a range of FPGA-based reference design boards from Analog Devices is the AD9250-FMC-250EBZ includes JEDEC JESD204B standard data converters providing four 14-bit A/D converter channels at 250MSPS in an FMC-compliant form factor.

The two on-board AD9250 A/D converters…

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Auto IC growth decelerates

Chip revenues from automotive infotainment will reach  grow 3% to $6.says IHS  last year they grew 4%. In the next five years they will grow to $8.54bn. The slowdown this year is due to flagging sales in the aftermarket and portable navigation device (PND) segments. The drop in…

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Semikron gate driver for parallel IGBTs

Semikron’s latest gate-drive unit is designed for use with interleaved, multilevel and parallel IGBT circuits.

The Skyper 42 LJ is a dual-channel IGBT driver unit for 600V, 1,200V and 1,700V IGBT modules.

It controls IGBT modules up to 1,000A with an output current of…

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Maxim’s smallest bipolar ±5V, 16-bit ADC

Maxim Integrated Products is shipping its smallest bipolar ±5V, 16-bit analogue-to-digital converters (ADCs).

Available in a 9mm2 package, the MAX11166 and MAX11167, the 12-pin 16-bit bipolar ADCs integrate an internal reference buffer.

The devices feature a technology which supports ±5V input signal from a single…

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