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High tech materials lab opens in Southampton

The University of Southampton has officially opened its Advanced Composite Materials Facility,
“The facility, which is unique to the UK, will aim to develop and manufacture new and advanced materials for semiconductor electronics, data storage, photonics, and energy harvesting, conversion and storage,” said the University.
One of the first projects…

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Supercapacitors create big materials market

The functional materials for supercapacitors market will reach $5bn before 2025, so predicts IDTechEx Research’s report, Functional Materials for Supercapacitors / Ultracapacitors / EDLC 2015-2025.

The most critical and costly components of a supercapacitor are the active electrodes, electrolyte and then separator.

As solid state supercapacitors in the laboratory have…

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3M offers hope for OLEDs with new barrier material

3M’s Optical Systems division is making a optically clear barrier films that protect sensitive electronics from water vapour and oxygen commercially available for the first time. This could have implications for the future commercial production of OLED displays which rely on use of barrier films to prevent water ingress…

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ISSCC: IMEC and Holst bio chip gets accolade

A biopotential acquisition chip from IMEC and its Netherland partner Holst Centre has been singled out for praise at the International Solid-State Circuits Conference in San Francisco. “There has been a growing interest in wearable biopotential-monitoring systems, which have very strict requirements in terms of power dissipation, high…

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Magnets fix superconducting plate in levitation

Surely if flying saucers existed, they would float around like the disc in this video. The demonstration by physicist Boaz Almog from Tel Aviv University, Israel, at the Association of Science-Technology centres (ASTC) Annual Conference in Baltimore, Maryland, earlier this week illustrates how a superconducting plate can be fixed…

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Air-stable transitor challenges amorphous silicon

Georgia Tech has taken another step towards air-stable flexible electronics with a pentacene transistor that matches the mobility of amorphous silicon devices. The university’s contribution is a bi-layer gate insulator that does not deteriorate with time. “The reason that we get such stable operation is a compensation…

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Actel-UMC first to 65nm embedded flash

Actel reckons the 65nm embedded flash process it is developing with UMC will be the first in the world to run products in commercial volumes. “We’ve been working for two years with UMC to develop the process and it’s progressing well”, Esam Elashmawi, vp of silicon engineering at…

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Mentor Joins $2.5bn Nano2012 Programme

The Crolles-based ST-Microelectronics-IBM- CEA-Leti- ASML R&D programme called Nano2012, which received $585m in EU funding last year, has been extended to include Mentor Graphics.

Nano2012 kicked off informally in 2007 and was named in 2008. The bulk of the 2009 $585m funding, which was…

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Mobile phone becomes low-cost medical microscope

Californian scientist have used a phone as the basis of a low-cost medical microscope for the developing world, with built-in image analysis. Prototypes have allowed the diagnosis of malaria, sickle cells disease, and tuberculosis. “In all cases, resolution exceeded that necessary to detect blood cell and microorganism morphology…

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Researches turn nanocrystals into electronic glue

Researches from Chicago have found a way to turn nanocrystals into conductive solids without ruining their optical activity. Nanocrystalline get their behaviour not only from the materials they are made from, but their size and shape. Hence their opto-electronic properties can be tuned by making the crystals bigger or…

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