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Space: ESA approves plans for the Athena X-ray space telescope

The European Space Agency (ESA) has approved plans for the Athena X-ray space telescope, which will be the largest of its kind ever built.

Costing about €1 billion, the flagship project will launch in 2028. It will weigh in at 5 tonnes, be about 12 metres long and will…

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ISSCC: ‘Fast’ organic transistor DAC works at 5V

Researchers in Stuttgart have made a 6bit DAC using organic semiconductors, claiming that it is “1,000 times faster and 30 times smaller than the currently fastest 6-bit DAC in organics”. The team, from the Institute for Microelectronics Stuttgart (IMS Chips) and the Max Planck Institute (MPI) revealed the…

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Neuro-Fets link rats brains with CMOS chip

A group of European researchers has managed to create an interface between the crucial signalling structure of rat neurons and a CMOS chip. The work initially offers a powerful means of testing new drugs, and could eventually be applied to deliver treatment to patients with brain diseases. The EC-funded…

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