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Low ESR tantalum comes in tiny package

Kemet has added a new smaller package type to  its T528 low ESL/facedown terminal polymer tantalum capacitor range.

The B case size design offers ESR values of 6 and 9 mOhms, making it the lowest ESR product available in this footprint, according to the supplier.

The new design “reduces…

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Lapis Semi micro has 10-bit ADC

Lapis Semiconductor’s ML610Q101/Q102 8-bit microcontroller integrates a 10-bit successive-approximation type A/D converter and 16-bit PWM for motor and IH control.

There is a built-in RC oscillation circuit OSC and a built-in capacitor for the internal regulator.

The devices have high immunity…

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Globalpress Summit: QuickLogic goes catalog

QuickLogic, which reinvented itself as a customer specific standard product company from its earlier incarnation as an anti-fuse FPGA company, has re-invented itself again with a move into standard catalogue products.

Quicklogic CSSPs are quick turnaround ASICs tailored to customers’ particular requirements.

QuickLogic’s catalogue CSSPs are off…

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Two months of growth for European semis

European sales of semiconductors of $2.79bn in October 2012 were 0.2 percent higher than the $2.78bn reported for September 2012, showing an increase for the second consecutive month, says WSTS. The October growth in Europe was in line with sales developments in other regions, with the exception…

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Four bidders for Elpida

SK Hynix, Toshiba, private equity firm TPG and Micron are all in the running to buy Elpida, according to Bloomberg. Apparently the winning bidder will have to pay $2bn, will take over $5.5bn of debt, and will need to spend $3bn on the company to get it into shape…

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Renesas cuts power of RL78 LCD controllers

Renesas Electronics has announced the RL78/L12 range of low-power microcontrollers with an on-chip LCD controller that reduce current consumption by approximately 30% compared to earlier Renesas MCUs. 

Designed for small LCD panel applications including portable household appliances, healthcare devices, building management systems, and industrial applications, the RL78…

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MWC: Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 turns Pro

Qualcomm has boosted graphics processing in its Snapdragon S4 tablet-smartbook processor to make a ‘Pro’ version. S4 Pro has an Adreno 320 graphics processor (GPU) and support for higher resolution displays, but is otherwise hardware and software compatible with the S4. The GPU “with up to a four times…

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AMD goes to 28nm for 2013 PCs, laptops and tablets

2013 will see AMD move to 28nm and integrated graphics for almost all of its PC and tablet processor range. Desktops get 28nm ‘Kaveri’ processors. Following the lead from Taiwanese x86 firm Via, which has been increasingly picked up by Intel, Kaveri chips will go SoC and combine CPUs and…

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Microprocessors: Happy 40th birthday

40 years ago today, Intel Corporation introduced the 4004, the world’s first commercially available microprocessor. The 2,300 transistor device was made on a 10µm process in 1971 for Japanese calculator firm Busicom. From there came the 8008, the 8080, and then the x86 processors that are still…

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Freescale moves fast to license ARM Cortex-A7

Freescale is licensing ARM’s Cortex-A7 core, announced only yesterday. The A7 is a low-power low-performance code, cache and hardware match for the powerful A15 processor. Instant power scaling in mobile applications is available by wholesale switching of all active programmes from one processor to the other…

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