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Organic electronics ready for boom years, says analyst

The market value of organic devices such as TFT dispalys, transistors and non-volatile memory will grow to nearly $1bn in revenues by 2018, according to NanoMarkets.

Over the same time period, the value of the market for printed electronics devices enabled by these organic components will reach $4.6bn…

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Science: Nanotechnology meets radio physics for wireless medicine

Cells, drugs and even animals can now be made to respond to wireless signals. Meet the pioneers of remote-controlled medicine. Barely a millimetre long, Arnd Pralle’s nematodes look much like any other worms. Then he switches on a magnetic field. The slithering, wriggling nematodes halt and, after a…

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ISSCC: IMEC and Holst bio chip gets accolade

A biopotential acquisition chip from IMEC and its Netherland partner Holst Centre has been singled out for praise at the International Solid-State Circuits Conference in San Francisco. “There has been a growing interest in wearable biopotential-monitoring systems, which have very strict requirements in terms of power dissipation, high…

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Magnets fix superconducting plate in levitation

Surely if flying saucers existed, they would float around like the disc in this video. The demonstration by physicist Boaz Almog from Tel Aviv University, Israel, at the Association of Science-Technology centres (ASTC) Annual Conference in Baltimore, Maryland, earlier this week illustrates how a superconducting plate can be fixed…

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Scottish nanotechnology centre adds chip line

The James Watt Nanofabrication Centre in Glasgow has expanded its semiconductor manufacturing capability for optical chips and biotechnology devices. The Glasgow-based research centre is an important part of the UK’s microelectronics R&D community and it has added a PlasmaPro System100 ICP plasma etch system to its…

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Air-stable transitor challenges amorphous silicon

Georgia Tech has taken another step towards air-stable flexible electronics with a pentacene transistor that matches the mobility of amorphous silicon devices. The university’s contribution is a bi-layer gate insulator that does not deteriorate with time. “The reason that we get such stable operation is a compensation…

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Where will nanoscience take electronics?

Designer viruses may one day produce nano-scale logic. Or so speculated one of two researchers sharing their thoughts ahead of the a conference on the future of nanoscience. “In my dreams, I can imagine some environmentally safe virus which, by design, manufactures and spits out a 64-bit adder…

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Nano firms offered grants for university research

Nanotechnology companies are being encouraged to tap in to research taking place in UK universities.

An award scheme has been announced by the government-funded NanoKTN aims to increase engagement between industry and academia.

The first award scheme is in partnership with the University of Surrey and will offer companies…

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Actel-UMC first to 65nm embedded flash

Actel reckons the 65nm embedded flash process it is developing with UMC will be the first in the world to run products in commercial volumes. “We’ve been working for two years with UMC to develop the process and it’s progressing well”, Esam Elashmawi, vp of silicon engineering at…

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Nano tech showcase in Edinburgh next month

Advances in nanotechnology will be highlighted on May 7th at the University of Edinburgh. Organised with the Nanotechnology Knowledge Transfer Network (NanoKTN), the one-day event ‘Partnering for the Future’ will feature results from research into: toxicology, energy, sensors, materials, electronics and metrology. “Today the science is moving ever more…

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