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Rohde & Schwarz analsyer for I and Q baseband signals

Rohde & Schwarz has upgraded its FSW signal and spectrum analyser with a new option to include analogue baseband inputs covering a bandwidth of 80MHz for I and Q signals.

This means the instrument can be used to analyse signals with up to 16MHz bandwidth in the baseband.      This capability…

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Rohde & Schwarz has fast power sensor

Rohde & Schwarz has introduced a power sensor which has a measuring speed of over 300 measurements per second in buffered mode.

The NRP-Z58 has a dynamic range of 55dB (–35dBm to 20dBm). The probes linearity is 0.01dB.

Like the firm’s other thermal power sensors, the NRP…

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Tektronix Android apps drive scope from smartphone

Tektronix has introduced three oscilloscope applications for use on Android smartphones.

The free apps, available now on the Google Play store, allow users to remotely control and monitor their oscilloscopes or view and analyse waveforms from the handset.

The Oscillo Connect app can be used to remotely monitor waveforms and…

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Rohde & Schwarz attenuators for 18GHz signals

Rohde & Schwarz has introduced a range of step attenuators consisting of a base unit and two external step attenuators.

The RSC base unit is available with or without internal step attenuator. The internal step attenuators come in three versions and can handle signals up to max. 18GHz.

The two…

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Agilent shows fast-measuring DMM with OLED display

Agilent Technologies has introduced a 5½ digit digital multimeter which it said can measure up to 190 readings per second with 0.015% DCV accuracy. Designated the 34450A, the DMM can deliver up to 50,000 readings of onboard memory, allowing users to log up to 14 hours of data…

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Anritsu portable 40W PIM-tester

Anritsu has introduced its first battery-operated, portable PIM test analyser.

The MW82119A is designed to support 40W testing and incorporates the supplier’s distance-to-PIM (DTP) measurement capability.

So field technicians can locate PIM problems, whether they are on the tower or outside the antenna system. Because the…

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NI audio/video test platform for smartphones

National Instruments has announced a multimedia test platform, the PXIe-1491 digital audio and video analyser for HDMI, DVI and mobile devices.

Designed for performance testing of consumer devices such as set-top boxes, Blu-ray players, smartphones and tablets, the NI PXIe-1491 is shipped with NI Video Measurement…

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Agilent LTE-Advanced 8×8 MIMO analyser

Agilent Technologies has introduced an LTE-Advanced 8×8 MIMO signal-generation and analysis platform.

It incorporates Signal Studio and 89600 VSA software, as well as the Agilent X-Series vector signal generators and multi-channel signal analyser with up to eight measurement channels.

It can be used for the generation…

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Advantest fast image-capture module for fast SoCs

Advantest has introduced its fastest image-capture module which can be used for testing the high-frequency D-PHY and M-PHY interface chips expected to drive growth in the image sensor market.

The T2000 3Gbit/s CMOS Image Capture Module operates on Advantest’s T2000 ISS system, used for…

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Goepel FPGA-based instrument for BERT

Goepel electronic has introduced its first ChipVORX model prototype to execute bit error rate test (BERT) using on-board FPGA.

FPGA-based instruments are used for the test and design validation of high-speed I/O. This is intended to allow users to evaluate the quality of interconnections by way…

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