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Touchscreen uses scatter, works with gloves, or anything

Swedish start-up FlatFrog has an in-glass touchscreen that uses scattered light to provide multi-touch. “The capacitive technology used in most competing screens reacts to electronic fields in the screen, hence it responds only to fingertips,” said FlatFrog. “Planar scatter detection [PSD] reacts also to thick gloves, plastic…

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Inside: Heliatek’s organic solar cell

Earlier this week, Dresden-based Heliatek claimed a world organic solar cell efficiency record: 9.8%. Although the record setting cell was 1cm2 and made on glass, the firm is entirely focussed on producing large sheets of solar cells on flexible plastic film that will be integrated into the fabric…

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Colour rendering from LED lighting

Start to look into LED lighting and quickly it becomes obvious that one type of LED will not suit all situations.

After a while, you get sophisticated enough to take colour-rendering index (CRI) and colour temperature into account, and even then you are only about halfway down the check…

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Active matrix technology to drive fast OLED growth

After a slower than expected start, the OLED market is about to become significant according to US analysts DisplaySearch who see the $600m OLED market translating into a $7bn market by 2016. Driving the growth is the rise of the active matrix OLED (AMOLED), sales of which overtook passive matrix…

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LED Circuit Diagram – LED strobe has independent delay and duration

High-brightness LEDs, with independent delay and duration, find use in a visual-inspection application. This circuit is not complex, but it saved the day in an application involving visual inspection of the spray pattern of fuel injectors for quality and consistency. In this application, xenon strobe lights did not…

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Top Ten 2008 news stories – NXP, Infineon dominate

At the start of 2009, we take a look back to consider the most-read stories of 2008 – the news articles that proved the most interesting to your fellow readers. Some things do not change, with NXP dominating 2008 as it is already doing with 2009. A number of research…

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Semi equipment sales fall from $54bn to $35bn in two years

Semiconductor equipment sales have fallen from $54bn to $35bn in two years

China has failed to emerge as a chip manufacturing nation, to the surprise of industry analysts, says iSuppli, while 2009 will see worldwide spending on new IC manufacturing equipment fall to its lowest level for six years, knocking…

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Freescale not going all-analogue, but more analogue, says Beyer.

See also: Freescale Semiconductor plans investment, but sees consumer confidence falling

Freescale Semiconductor is not going to become an analogue company, but it’s going to become more of an analogue company.

That was the message of Rich Beyer, chairman and CEO of Freescale, at last week’s Freescale Technology…

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Bozotti forecasts five per cent growth, Penn says ten

Although Carlo Bozotti, CEO of STMicroelectronics, has cut his forecast for semiconductor industry growth this year to between four and five per cent, Malcolm Penn, CEO of Future Horizons reckons: “We can’t make it much less than 7 per cent growth this year, and the balance of probability is…

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Video – LED cubes

What’s the collective noun for a group of LEDs? How about a ‘Cube’… Digging out video material on Light-Emitting Diodes certainly leads to the excavation of cube-shaped content (as well as the occasional snake…) First off, let’s enter the two dimensional matrix before we fully get…

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