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Rohm buys Irish digital power chip firm

Rohm has completed the acquisition of Irish power management IC developer Powervation for $70m.

This a second acquisition for Rohm this year as it builds its power IC business on the back of its own core high voltage power semiconductor technology which includes the new “wonder technology” silicon carbide.


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Ericsson runs webinar for an “energy re-think” in telecoms

Ericsson is holding the Re-Think Energy Performance webinar on June 17, 2015.

Times for the webinar are:  15:00 India (IST), 11:30 Sweden (CEST), 05:30 USA (EDT), 17:30 Singapore (SGT), 12:30 Nairobi (EAT).

It will consider technologies and methodologies for addressing the energy needs of…

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SiC mosfets switch 60A at 225 deg C

Cissoid has used silicon carbide (SiC) mosfets in a power module which can operate reliably between -55°C and +225°C, delivering up to 60A.

With dual mosfets the module, called CHT-Pluto, is designed for for half-bridges with 30A continuous capability for both low-side and high-side…

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Design ideas: Some practical ways to split a voltage rail

There are a number of reasons why an engineer would want to “split” a voltage rail in their design. Sometimes parts of the circuit, like a sensor or an IC, require a bipolar supply.

Other reasons are to make the best use of the dynamic range of your ADC if…

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Microchip hones dsPIC for digital-in-the-loop power

Microchip has announced the third generation of its dsPIC33EP ‘GS’ range, which are DSP-enabled microcontrollers. GS denoted devices specifically intended for fast digital power supplies, which need faster peripherals than, say, motor control microprocessors.

Compared with generation two, they have a faster processor, faster contexts switching, faster higher resolution…

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Powerstax makes custom PSUs more accessible

Powerstax has a configurable power supply that it claims does not have the lengthy lead times and NRE costs generally associated with a customised product.

The Powerstax A3600 is capable of providing up to 3600W of power, with multiple, isolated and configurable 1.5 to 58VDC outputs from a universal…

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TDK puts 300W power converter in tiny brick

TDK’s latest iEH series of 300W 1/8th brick DC-DC converters use digital non-linear adaptive control for improved dynamic response and stability.

The iEH series can provide output voltages of 9.6, 10.2, 10.8 or 12Vdc with currents up to 33A from a nominal input…

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APEC: GaN transistors get top-side cooling

Canadian gallium nitride transistor firm GaN Systems has announced top-side cooled power devices at the Applied Power Electronics Conference in North Carolina, which means they can be cooled with a normal heatsink or fan.

“These are conventional techniques that are well-understood and familiar to design engineers who may…

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Stadium ensures redundant supply is small

Stadium Power is selling a 800W 1+1 micro redundant 1U industrial PC power supply for secure bulk power applications including digital imaging, storage systems, telecom/broadcast systems, and industrial PCs

Standard features of the M1V2-5801V4H include 90-264Vac universal input voltage, typical efficiency 88% at 230Vac and operating…

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