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Driver IC for big LED light arrays

A programmable multi-output LED driver from Allegro Microsystems integrates a current-mode boost converter with internal power switch and eight current sinks.

The IC operates from 4.5 to 36V, and is able to withstand up to 40V load-dump conditions encountered in automotive systems.

The I2C interface allows…

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European power electronics research initiative adds Mentor

The European Centre for Power Electronics (ECPE) is a Germany-based industry initivative for research, education and technology transfer in power electronics.

The role of the ten-year-old ECPE initiative is to support research on power electronics systems and pass this into the industry via workshops and tutorials.


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Designing with synchronous DC-DC converters from Panasonic

The transient performance and frequency stability of hysteretic-based synchronous DC-DC converter ICs can be improved with ramp control and adaptive on-time techniques.

The control method used in a line-up of high current synchronous buck DC-DC converter ICs with integrated FETs by Panasonic meets the challenges…

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DC-DC converter in a BGA has 2kV isolation

Linear Technology has introduced a 2.5W output DC/DC converter with 2kVAC galvanic isolation in a 9x15x4.92mm ball grid array (BGA) package.

The isolated transformer, control circuitry, power switches, and a modest amount of input and output capacitance are encased in the BGA package.

A minimum creepage distance…

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300kW SiC half-bridge offers 99% efficiency

Silicon carbide is a route 99% efficiency in induction heating drivers, claimed Cree as it introduced a 300A, 1.2kV half-bridge module.

Bolting straight into a industry-standard 62mm footprint, it includes two 5mΩ SiC mosfets and two SiC free-wheeling Schottky diodes, that drop 1.7V at 300A…

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Digitally controlled converter drives 60A

TDK-Lambda has introduced an non-isolated surface mount DC-DC converter which will handle 60A currents.

The iJB series converters are PMBus read and write compliant and digitally controlled. The input voltage range is 8-14Vdc and the output is adjustable from 0.6 to 2.0V with a…

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DC-link film capacitor is self-healing

AVX has a range of medium power DC-link film capacitors, which have self-healing properties.

FRC series capacitors are comprised of dry, wound, metalized polypropylene film dielectric encased in a size A, self-extinguishing, cylindrical plastic case sealed with thermosetting resin and featuring four snap-in terminals that facilitate…

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Avago optocoupler has flyback controller to drive IGBTs

Avago Technologies has introduced a gate drive optocoupler device that integrates a flyback controller for DC-DC converters and fail-safe IGBT diagnostics.

The device’s 2.5A rail-to-rail output makes it suitable for driving IGBTs and power MOSFETs in industrial power inverters and motor drives.
“By integrating…

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Google offers $1m power inverter challenge

Google, together with the IEEE, is offering $1m to the person or team who best shrinks the size of power inverters, in something called the ‘Little box challenge’.

“We’re looking for someone to build a kW-scale inverter with a power density greater than 50W/inch3,” said the firm…

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Mini 4W power supply for extreme temperatures

Small format 4W power supplies designed for wide operating temperature range of -40°C to +80°C from Recom can be used to supply outdoor sensors or control units in residential as well as industrial applications.

The RAC04-C/230 series has a wide input voltage range of 80-264VAC…

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