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China manufactures $16trn debt

China’s massive manufacturing machine works on minuscule margins. Maybe, wonders David Manners, it would have been better if China had built up the quality of its educational system so that its own clever citizens could create the necessary IP to make more profitable products.

Has the China thing been…

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Toshiba wireless charging chipset senses device position

Toshiba Electronics Europe has announced a free positioning wireless charging chipset for charging smartphones and other mobiles on a battery charging pad. The chipset is compliant with the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) Qi interface specification, A4, A8, A12 and A14.  It includes the TB6865FG power transmitter and TB6860WBG receiver and…

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Allegro prgrammable Hall-effect switch for industrial

Allegro MicroSystems Europe’s A1128 field-programmable, unipolar Hall-effect switch is designed for high-temperature automotive and industrial applications, particularly those involving proximity sensing with ferromagnetic targets.

The device uses a chopper-stabilisation technique to eliminate the offset inherent in single-element devices, and incorporates a programming algorithm with…

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Huber + Suhner omni-directional antenna works in-building

Huber + Suhner has an omni-directional antenna designed specifically for in-building wireless systems.

The antenna is designed to support the roll-out of LTE (790-2700MHz).

It also supports the 2.4GHz WiFi Band as well as DECT. The ECO antenna has a gain of 1dBi in the band…

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Avago high speed active optical cable assemblies

Avago Technologies has announced an active optical cable assemblies for use in high performance computing (HPC) and datacentres.

These active optical cable assemblies use proprietary technology yielding a lower cost per 10G link than active copper cables.

They support a high data throughput interconnects up to 100 metres. The AOC…

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Allegro Hall current sensor optimised for 3.3V

A high-current/high-temperature linear Hall-effect current sensor IC has been optimised for 3.3 V operation by Allegro MicroSystems.

The ACS759 device consists of a precision, low-offset linear Hall sensor circuit with a copper conduction path located near the die. Applied current flowing through this copper…

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Avago 120Gbit/s multichannel optical module

Avago Technologies has a 120Gbit/s multichannel optical transmitter and receiver module and a CXP pluggable transceiver for board-edge, box-to-box and rack-to-rack communications.

The stand-alone MiniPODTM transmit and receive modules—the AFBR-81uVxyZ and AFBR-82uVxyZ, respectively, each contain 12 unidirectional channels (lanes) that…

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Silicon Labs sub-1GHz transceiver has 20dBm output

Silicon Laboratories has a range of sub-GHz transceivers, the EZRadioPRO Si446x transceiver family which offer a transmit output power of +20dBm, sensitivity of -126dBm,  link budget of 146dB and RX adjacent channel selectivity of 58dB.

The transceivers also feature an antenna diversity algorithm developed to counteract the effects of…

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RFMD 433MHz to 470MHz AMI/AMR radio module

RFMD’s RF6504 front-end module is designed for 433MHz to 470MHz AMI/AMR systems.

The transmit port provides a power amplifier with nominal output power of 30dBm and gain of 15dB.

The receiver pass-through port is on a separate path.

Both are combined with a single antenna port…

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TI RFID transponder for small tags

Texas Instruments has introduced its smallest half-duplex radio frequency identification (RFID) mini-transponder for embedded tags.

The 12mm TRPGR30TGC and TRPGP40TGC glass encapsulated mini-transponders are 12mm x 2.12mm in size. Each TRPGR30TGC mini-transponder is pre-programmed with a unique code for industrial applications and asset tracking…

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