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0603 SMD resistor handls 100mW for current sensing

Rohm has introduced an 0603 resistor for current sensing, intended for smartphones and wearables.

The UCR006 series of 0.6×0.3mm thick-film chip resistors are available from 100mΩ to 910mΩ (E24 steps) and operate across -55 to 155°C – an industry first claims Rohm.

Power handling is 100mW, allowing…

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Built in Britain: Welwyn

Welwyn started making resistors in Bedlington Northumberland in 1946, and it is still making resistors there, in a growing facility, with technology that is in demand worldwide. When Mercedes needed power resistors for its SLS sports car, it specified Welwyn parts. The firm, now part of the UK conglomerate TT…

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Electronics patent of the month: Anti retail-theft RFID antenna and reader

GPS with an accuracy of 2m has been developed by researchers at Carlos III University in Madrid. The researchers added three gyroscopes and three accelerometers to a conventional GPS system to pinpoint the position of cars in cities to within 2m. Unaided GPS has an accuracy of 50m in cities…

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White space transceiver from Cambridge

Neul has announced its first transceiver chip for ‘white space’ communications in 470-790MHz UHF TV bands. Called Iceni, the chip is intended for secure non-line-of-sight machine-to-machine (M2M) communications. Both 6 and 8MHz channel bandwidths are supported, and “adaptive digital modulation schemes and error correction…

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Orange launches Atom-based phone

Finally, an Intel Atom in a mobile from a major phone company, as Orange launches the ‘San Diego’. Inside the phone, codenamed Santa Clara (perhaps there was a clue there) is a Z2460 Atom. According to website Trusted Reviews, the phone is actually made by Huawei. Trusted Reviews also reports…

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Vishay demos foil resistor down to -196ºC

Vishay has put up a video showing 0.1% resistance shift in a foil resistor plunged into liquid nitrogen. “Cryogenic applications require resistors with a structural integrity capable of withstanding extreme temperature cycling without damage or detriment to performance,” said the firm. “The video demonstrates how a precision foil resistor…

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Four bidders for Elpida

SK Hynix, Toshiba, private equity firm TPG and Micron are all in the running to buy Elpida, according to Bloomberg. Apparently the winning bidder will have to pay $2bn, will take over $5.5bn of debt, and will need to spend $3bn on the company to get it into shape…

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Wideband antenna meets need for new mobile frequencies

CommScope claims to have an antenna which can be used by operators to add spectrum and bandwidth to mobile networks.

The family of ultra-wideband basestation antennas are designed to address the needs of operators for bandwidth growth and additional radio spectrum availability in the future. “This familiy of ultra…

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Picochip sets sights on enterprise, metro and rural femtocells

Picochip, has launched its next generation of femtocell base station chips: PC3024 for enterprise use and the PC3032 for metro and rural cells. Fabbed by TSMC, the devices are made on a 40nm process and include a 1GHz ARM11 processor plus Picochip’s existing PHY and software. “They offer industry…

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Secondary standard resistors for test gear

Vishay has introduced secondary standard resistors for laboratory calibration and digital multimeters. “For test equipment designers, the resistors offer accuracy of 10ppm at the terminals, long-term stability of +/-5ppm at 25°C for one year, temperature coefficient to +/-0.3ppm/°C from 15°C to 45°C, and resistance…

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