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M2COMM to drive new Weightless SIG standard

M²Communication (M2COMM) has joined the Weightless SIG to lead a Weightless Working Group for the development of an LPWAN Standard.

The standard, called Weightless-P, will offer uplink and downlink capabilities to significantly enhance quality of service especially important in the industrial IoT sector.

Adapted from field-proven experiences…

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NXP to borrow another $1 billion

NXP is to raise $1 billion to help pay for its Freescale acquisition.

It will offer $500 million senior notes due 2020 and $500 million senior notes due 2022.

$2 billion of the $11.8 billion purchase price for Freescale is payable in cash.

NXP has $1.4 billion in…

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Ku-Band MMIC from Cree

Cree has launched a Ku-Band MMIC covering the 13.5 – 14.75GHz commercial satcom band. The 30W GaN MMIC two-stage high power amplifier (HPA) will allow the satcom industry to achieve higher power, more efficient Ku-Band solutions than the TWT or GaAs solutions used today, the company…

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Tiny silicon capacitor for 10GHz frequencies

French silicon passive components firm IPDiA has developed a 1nF silicon capacitor in an 0101 sized package.

The silicon capacitor an be used for DC decoupling/DC noise and harmonic filtering in RF and microwave power applications up to 10GHz. 

These wire bondable vertical capacitors built in silicon trenches have…

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Plextek PA for 5G

Plextek RFI has developed a 4-Channel 28GHz power amplifier with 4-Bit digital phase control for 5G RF front ends…

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Qorvo targets RF chips at China 4G LTE

Qorvo says its latest radio front-end chipsets for 4G LTE have been selected for reference designs, with volume production commencing in the third quarter of 2015.

Qorvo is the mobile wireless chip supplier which was formed from the merger of RFMD and TriQuint.

The RF Flex multi-band PA…

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Two-way microwave divider can help jam IEDs

A two-way power divider that is designed for use in military mobile jamming systems to counter the threat of improvised explosive devices (IEDs) is available from Link Microtek. 

Manufactured by Narda Microwave, the Model 2382-2 power divider operates over microwave frequencies from 500MHz to 6GHz and can handle…

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12-way RF MEMS switch

French firm DelfMEMS has micromachined a 12-way RF switch, and will be showing prototypes at Mobile World Congress.

“Until now, companies have tended towards the capacitive switch solution route. We chose contact or Ohmic switching because of the superior performance,” said CEO Cybele Rolland. “This is a key milestone…

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