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Volksanalyzer platform at Device Developers' Conference

German based FPGA development specialist Collion will be presenting its Volksanalyzer platform at the UK Device Developers’ Conference taking take place in Bristol, Cambridge and Manchester in May.

It is an off-the-shelf hardware and tools package for embedded system development.

The Volksanalyzer platform provides a CPU, ASIC and…

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BVM mini-PCIe card with CANbus interface

BVM has introduced the MPX-2515 mini-PCIe card, which provides a CANbus (Controller Area Network) interface from an embedded computer.

While CANbus was originally developed for in-car systems, its ruggedness and simple architecture and interconnect requirements is seeing it used for communicating with sensors, actuators, ECUs and other…

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Eurotech ARM computer board can be a COM

Eurotech has introduced an ARM-based embedded platform for machine-to-machine (M2M) applications.

The CPU-301-16, based on a 1.2GHz Freescale i.MX 6 processor and has a 67x85mm form factor.

The CPU-301-16  is unusual because it can be used either as a stand-alone…

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Aaeon Atom-based low power COM Express 1 module

Aaeon has introduced the NanoCOM-CV Rev.A COM Express Type 1 module with BGA-type Intel Atom N2600 1.6GHz dual core processor.  Its power budget means it can be used in home automation or computing intensive applications for medical, gaming and industrial automation.  A wide temperature version for…

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BVM SBC uses Ivy Bridge 22nm core

BVM’s latest 3.5 inch single board computer is based on Intel’s Ivy Bridge 22nm Core and the Sandy Bridge i7/i5/i3 mobile processors in the rPGA988B socket.

Up to 8Gbyte of 1600MHz DDR3 in a single socket can be addressed.

With integrated HD graphics 4000 technology…

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Cypress PSoC supported by graphical design tool

Naman Jain and Anshu Kandhari from Cypress Semiconductor describe the supplier’s programmable (SOC) schematic-based design environment, PSoC Creator, which allows designers to develop applications, without having to manually manage the architecture or configuration registers.  When developing embedded applications, we need to understand different chips and their capabilities and…

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BVM touch panel PC is IP64 sealed

The Afolux Gen 2 family of PanelPCs from BVM are rugged flat bezel touchscreens, sealed to IP64, to allow use in industrial production environments.

Available in standard or widescreen formats with sizes of 15, 15.6, 17 and 18.9 inches, and with a choice of either resistive or projected…

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TEWS Tech XMC module with async serial I/O

TEWS Technologies has a switched mezzanine card (XMC) compatible module offering eight channels of RS232/RS422/RS485 programmable asynchronous serial interfaces with P14 I/O.

The serial channels can be individually programmed to operate as RS232, RS422 or RS485 full duplex/half duplex interface. In addition programmable termination is provided…

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MSC offers Quectel GLONASS/GPS module

MSC is offering the L16 GLONASS/GPS module from Quectel which enables simultaneous GPS and GLONASS open service L1 reception.

It has been developed especially for the Russian and Eastern European markets.

The L16 module is based on STMicroelectronics’ Teseo II single-chip positioning device. With two fast acquisition channels…

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